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Indoor and Outdoor Car Storage

Whether you’re relocating to a new state, traveling out of the country, or just needing some extra space, storing your car or truck has never been easier! At Price Self Storage™, we offer a variety of options, including covered and uncovered storage units for cars. You’ll be sure to find a solution that works for your short- or long-term needs with one of our easy, convenient, and affordable units.

Benefits of Car Storage

Price Self Storage™ offers a variety of indoor, outdoor, and covered options for vehicle storage. Below are some of the benefits of using one of our facilities.
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Avoid HOA Fees

Developments or apartment complexes with HOAs can be a great thing. They often offer amenities, like pools or playgrounds, and help to keep your neighborhood’s curb appeal looking great. However, almost all of them have rules dictating how many cars each home can have and where those cars can park, which can be a problem if you have a lot of vehicles.

With Price Self Storage™, you'll have access to convenient and secure vehicle storage — without the extra HOA fees!

Additional Driveway and Garage Space

Whether you have a large RV or a hobby car, sometimes space in your existing driveway or garage is at a premium. And if you live in a city, driveways and garages may not even be an option.

This is when Price Self Storage™’s car storage options come in handy! Let our storage facility provide a safe and secure home for your additional vehicles.
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Preserve Vehicle

Are you working on restoring an older car? Or maybe you have a summer convertible that needs an inside space during the winter months. Whatever the reason, preserve your vehicle with Price Self Storage™’s vehicle storage options!

Types of Car Storage Options

The type of car storage you need will depend on the size of your vehicle, why you’re storing it, and how long you want to store it. That's why we offer vehicle storage solutions to fit every need!

Indoor Car Storage

Indoor car storage is perfect when you want a garage-type space for your vehicle. We offer a variety of sizes to fit everything from a motorcycle to a large RV.

Our indoor car storage units will keep your vehicle safe, secure, and protected from the elements at all times. They also provide a great space to work on that hobby car!.

Most of our indoor units are drive-up car storage units, just like a garage in your home. So your vehicle will be easily accessible, whether you need to drive it around town occasionally or just access something in the trunk.
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Outdoor Storage for Vehicles

Do you just need an extra parking space? Our outdoor car storage is an affordable way to get the space you need. This type of storage works especially well for businesses with work vehicles that need to be accessed and used on a regular basis.

With parking spaces of all sizes, Price Self Storage™ can find one that fits your vehicle’s needs — whether you’re storing a compact car or a 15-passenger van.

Covered Storage for Cars

If you don’t necessarily need completely enclosed indoor car storage but need a little more than an open-air parking space, check out our covered car storage. With a roof to protect your car from the sun, rain, and other natural elements, you get a little more protection than other outdoor car storage options without the heavier price tag of an indoor unit.
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Car Storage Facility Features

One of the best things about using Price Self Storage™ to store your vehicle is the variety of features our facility offers, which include:
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Top-of-the-Line Security

Price Self Storage™ takes security seriously! When you store your vehicle with us, it'll be safe and secure. Our vehicle storage areas are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they are only accessible to customers and employees.

In addition to the facility alarms, some units also feature individual unit alarms. Also, every facility is equipped with monitored security cameras to prevent theft and damage.

Computerized Gate Access

All Price Self Storage™ facilities are equipped with computerized gate access, meaning only existing customers and employees can access the vehicle storage areas.
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Wide Selection of Storage Options

Price Self Storage™ knows that one-size-fits-all storage units don’t work! Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to give our customers the best storage options possible.

We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes that can accommodate motorcycles, compact cars, full-sized sedans, SUVs, trucks, work vans, and more. Whether you want to store a Jet Ski or an RV, we have the right space for you!

Free Concierge Service — Select the Right Vehicle Storage

At Price Self Storage™, you never have to worry about figuring out the right storage solution for your needs. Our complimentary concierge service will help you determine the best-sized storage unit for your vehicle. For instance, while a 10x20 unit is usually your best bet for most vehicles, some — like Mini Coopers, Ford Fiestas, Volkswagen Golfs, and other smaller cars — may be able to fit in a 10x15 unit. This small difference could save you a ton of money!
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