Are you planning on storing your RV away for the season? If so, one of the major challenges many RV owners face is how to keep mold out of your camper during storage.  

Fortunately, the experts at Price Self Storage have come up with a list of the best ways you can prepare your vehicle. prevent RV condensation, and keep it mold-free while it’s safely stored. Here’s everything you should know and do to protect your RV! 

How Does Mold Form? 

Mold can present issues for both your personal and vehicle’s health. It’s important that you know what causes mold and how to identify it. Nipping the problem in the bud early could save you money and hassle down the road. According to Insider Living

“Mold is caused by mold spores (which are naturally present in our environment) that find a moist, dark place to grow.  RVs are especially good incubators for these spores since they are frequently closed up and stored for long periods of time. When an RV is stored, moisture can get trapped inside the RV and help to feed the mold growth.”

Although mold can be seen on your RV’s walls, carpet, or flooring, the easiest way to detect it is through the musty smell. Mold tends to have a dank or musty odor that’s immediately apparent. Left untreated, mold will dig in and spread, which can lead to respiratory issues. By employing prevention methods and fighting mold early on, you can protect both your RV and passengers. 

How to Keep Mold Out Of Your Camper During Storage?

Dampness and lack of airflow are primary causes for mold. So, how do you combat these common issues? Steps you can take include: 

  • Inspect the vehicle – Before you store away your recreational vehicle, it’s vital that you perform a rigorous inspection of the RV’s interior and exterior. Check the roof and vent fan for broken seams, dried or cracked caulking, tears, or holes. If you identify issues, fix them. Similarly, check the vehicle’s plumbing, particularly around the toilets and sinks. Once more, if issues are discovered, repair them sooner than later. 
  • Blow out fresh water lines – Even if a visual inspection results in zero major issues, it’s wise to blow out all fresh water tank and plumbing lines. This ensures that the whole water system is clear.
  • Store your RV in an indoor storage facility – Few RV storage sites in California offer this convenience, but at Price Self Storage, our Solana Beach location has the largest indoor RV storage facility in Southern California. By keeping your vehicle stored inside, you reduce the chances of water, fog, or condensation getting inside the RV.  
  • Use RV Cover – If you can’t store your vehicle inside, then it’s smart to cover it with a specialized RV cover tarp that allows it to breathe and vent water vapor.  
  • Open your RV’s windows and roof vents – Mold and mildew can form because condensation never dries out. By opening up the RV’s windows and vents, you can ensure that air flows inside the RV. 
  • Run a dehumidifier – If your storage location has an electricity plugin, it may be a good idea to occasionally run an RV dehumidifier to suck out all of the additional moisture from the humidity in the air. This will keep the humidity level in check and prevent RV condensation.
  • Use desiccants – Desiccant containers can be easily bought online. By setting them up in various locations throughout the RV, you can ensure that excess moisture will be absorbed by the desiccant granules.  
  • If you find mold and mildew, treat it immediately – The longer you wait to treat mold, the harder it will be to get out. By performing regular inspections (at least once a month), you can spot the early warning signs of mold and then take the proper actions before it has a chance to get out of hand. Then, address the root causes of the mold (leaks, excess moisture, etc.) so that it stays away. 

By taking just these steps, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of mold being a long-term issue. 

Price Self Storage Is Built for RV’s 

At Price Self Storage, our facilities were designed specifically with RV’s in mind. That’s why we have extra wide driveways and a range of dedicated spot sizes available. Several of our facilities provide fantastic RV storage, including: 

  • Azusa – West Foothill Blvd.
  • West Los Angeles – South La Brea Ave. 
  • Norco – Cota St. 
  • Murphy Canyon – Murphy Canyon Rd. 
  • Solana Beach – Stevens Ave West

Price Self Storage—Helping You Prevent Mold in Your RV

Mold is typically caused by excess dampness and poor airflow. 

If you want to prevent mold from becoming a problem during your seasonal storage, as an RV owner, it’s critical that you take the time to inspect your vehicle thoroughly. After that, you must take the steps necessary to prepare your RV so that it’s difficult (if not impossible) for mold to grow. 

Need more tips and help about the best ways to store your recreational vehicle? Looking for affordable RV storage space?

At Price Self Storage, our mission is to help make storage simple—especially for RVs! Our team of experts have years of experience with RV storage and standby ready to assist the moment you need help or have a question. 


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