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Locker Storage Rental Guide

Contents of a Locker Sized Unit
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Storage Locker Rental

Do you have seasonal clothes or a collection of knick-knacks you need to store somewhere? Looking for a place to keep your work files or small office equipment?

Our goal is to help you live life uncluttered no matter what your storage needs are. That’s why we offer a storage locker rental for smaller storage needs.

If you have extra stuff but lack the storage space in your apartment or office, our small storage locker is a perfect place to keep your things. This is a great option for those that may not have enough items to justify renting a full-sized storage unit. Whether you want to store a few personal items or need a short-term storage solution between moves, our small storage locker is perfect for you.

What Can You Fit in a Small Storage Locker Rental?

Sizes vary with most providing around 25ft2 worth of storage area, but our storage lockers have a lower roof(approximately 3 ft high) than a regular 5x5 unit. This storage unit size has plenty of room to pack in a whole lot of your belongings, including:

• Sports equipment
• Boxes
• Electronics
• Office equipment
• Extra bedding
• Clothes and shoes
• Books

These lockers are great for storing things that you want to be able to access when you need but don’t need on an everyday basis. With some storage unit organization, you’ll be amazed by how many things you can fit in a small storage locker.

Don’t pay for more space than you actually require. Get the perfect sized small storage locker rental.

Start Small and Then Move Up

If you think you might need additional storage space in the future, you can start small and then transition up.

We have flexible storage arrangements, like month-to-month renting, that make it simple to transition to a larger unit whenever you need it. Every storage facility location has the storage space to accommodate your needs. This includes a range of sizes and a host of convenient features.

Storage options following our smallest locker include:

5x5 storage unit*
5x10 storage unit*
10x10 storage unit*
10x15 storage unit*
10x20 storage unit*
10x30 storage unit*

Expand Your Storage Space Today with a Small Storage Locker

Getting started is fast and easy! All you need to do is look for a storage location near you. Once you find the closest facility, you can complete the reservation process online to rent your self storage locker. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to opening up some much-needed space.

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