Protect Your Belongings While in Storage

You've decided self storage is the right choice for your very important belongings, and you’ll need to protect them during their stay. You are ultimately responsible for your items while they are being stored, but you have two alternatives to choose from that provide reimbursement in the event of damage to your property.

Price Self Storage Protection Plan

Price Self Storage offers a Protection Plan which provides a limited right of reimbursement for certain types of damage in exchange for a monthly fee of $14 which is paid along with your storage rent. The Protection Plan is not an insurance policy, and Price Self Storage is not an insurance company. Please see the Protection Plan Addendum below for more details about the program and its terms, condition, and limitations.

Use Your Own Insurance to Cover Your Belongings

You may choose to use your own renter’s, home owner’s insurance, or a specific self-storage policy exclusively or in coordination with the Price Self Storage Protection Plan. Price Self Storage is not responsible for evaluating the sufficiency of your insurance. We encourage tenants to check with their insurance agent to be sure their insurance policy coverage extends to their property while in storage and that any deductibles do not exceed the value of your stored property.

Opt-Out of the Price Self Storage Protection Plan

Enrollment in the Price Self Storage Protection Plan is automatic, but you may opt-out of participation and obtain a refund for the Protection Plan payment by completing a Protection Plan Opt-Out form and providing proof of insurance within 30 days of signing the storage agreement.

To obtain a copy of the Protection Plan Opt-Out Form, you may email or contact Price Self Storage at PO Box 27615 San Diego CA 92198 to obtain the form. Your completed form can be returned at the aforementioned email or PO Box.

Learn More About the Price Self Storage Protection Plan

Not sure which method is right for you? Download our Protection Plan Addendum which details the plan and terms and becomes part of your storage agreement unless you opt-out and provide proof of insurance. The Protection Plan does not apply to vehicle or wine storage.

Protection Plan Addendum PDF

The foregoing is all subject to the terms, conditions, restrictions, and limitations of the agreements to be entered into with Price Self Storage at the time a unit is rented.