When you find yourself with too much stuff and not enough space, renting a personal storage unit quickly becomes an appealing option. The difficulty arrives when you need to figure out what size storage unit you need to house all of your belongings.

When is comes to picking out a storage unit, the most important thing is that it needs to be big enough to hold everything, but not too big that you end up paying for a ton of space you aren’t using. Finding this “sweet spot” can be difficult without some help and the best way to do this is to get in touch with one of our qualified storage representatives. However, to make things a little more convenient for you, our team at Price Self Storage created a quick sizing quiz that you can take right now!

Simply check all the boxes next to each item or sets of items that you plan on storing and we’ll calculate a storage unit size that should meet all of your needs.

5 x 5

Small, but mighty may be the best way to describe this compact storage solution. What this storage unit lacks in sheer size it more than makes up for in efficiency. A 5×5* storage unit is the perfect solution for someone in need of a little extra space in their life. This 5×5 unit essentially serves as the best spare closet space you could ever want. Small furniture, seasonal items, sports equipment, and small boxes all fit fantastically in this compact storage space.

5 x 10

If you’ve found yourself with an extra bedroom’s worth of items to store, then this 5×10* storage unit is exactly what you’re looking for. Larger furniture such as queen-sized beds and drawer units fit perfectly inside of this storage facility. Additionally, this 5×10 size lends itself perfectly as a permanent storage solution for large items that you don’t need around all the time such as lawn mowers, seasonal decorations, and even jet skis.

10 x 10

For those with larger projects in mind, this 10×10* storage unit should work wonders. With 100 square feet to work with, you can easily move an entire bedroom’s worth of furniture inside without a struggle. This large space allows you the opportunity to store a multitude of large boxes, big-screen TVs, and large furniture for extended periods of time and have a little bit of extra room to move seasonal items in and out.

10 x 15

When you find yourself with a few bedrooms worth of things to store, a 10×15 storage unit could be your best friend. This storage unit serves as the perfect place to keep that extra furniture you may find left behind when a student goes away to college. Whether you’re storing a piano, a long couch set, or just a bunch of large boxes, this storage unit will meet all of your needs and keep everything secure.

10 x 20

When you find yourself in need of a place to keep some of your larger belongings, this 10×20 will be there for you. This storage unit can house dozens of large moving boxes as well as multiple bedroom sets and even large appliances. This makes our 10×20 storage unit a popular choice for someone in the midst of a big relocation. Washers and dryers, refrigerators, and a lot more can fit inside of this spacious storage unit.

10 x 30

There comes a time when you may need to put an entire home’s worth of items into temporary storage. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a relocation or possibly even looking to become a landlord, this 10×30 unit can hold everything you need it to. Even if you don’t need to put everything you own inside, this unit makes storing large furniture or appliances such as beds and washing machines or vehicles like cars and boats, simple and straightforward. If you need a completely expansive storage unit, you won’t find anything better than our 10×30 storage unit.

The Price Self Storage Quiz provides general information about recommended storage unit sizes. Results from the quiz are based on your answers to the quiz. Results are intended to indicate approximate storage unit you might need. The quiz is not intended to replace speaking to a qualified representative or visiting the property to inspect the storage unit to determine if it fits your needs. Storage unit sizes are approximations and are cited as nominal conventions, not actual dimensions, and should be used for illustration and comparison purpose only. Storage units are subject to availability and may vary by location. A representative from a Price Self Storage facility can help determine which storage unit size will best fit your needs.