Maybe it’s finally time to clean out the closets. Or, perhaps you’re ready to start that small business and need a place to store your inventory. Whatever the reason, you want extra storage. You may assume you need to rent a storage unit, but have you considered renting a storage locker unit instead?

Never heard of locker storage? Many self-storage companies, including Price Self Storage, offer them. This article will give you the lowdown on storage lockers vs. units.

What Is a Storage Locker?

When you think of the word “locker,” you might imagine the rows of lockers in your high school or at your local gym. In the storage world, storage locker units range in size and can be much larger than what you would find at a gym or school. 

Like a typical storage unit, storage lockers are used to … well, store your extra possessions. The main difference is their smaller size. In many facilities, locker units are stacked, so you might need to bend down or use a provided rolling ladder to access the items in your unit.

What Is a Storage Unit?

Storage units are essentially a larger version of storage lockers. They are dedicated spaces where individuals or businesses can store their belongings. At Price Self Storage, our storage units range in size from small to large.

Most storage units include roll-up doors for more effortless loading and unloading. Depending on the type of unit you rent, they may offer drive-up access, first-floor access, or second-floor access. For second-floor units, you’ll need to take the stairs or an elevator to reach your unit. 

Key Differences Between Storage Lockers and Storage Units

Size Comparison

Storage units and lockers serve the same purpose: They let you safely secure all your extra belongings. The main difference is simply the size of the units. 

At Price Self Storage, most storage locker units are 5’ x 5’, or 25 square feet, and 3 feet tall. That’s enough space to store sports equipment, holiday decorations, extra clothes, business inventory, extra bedding, and more. 

Storage units, on the other hand, can range in size. Our smallest units are 5’ x 5’ but have higher ceilings than our locker units. We also offer 10’ x 10’ medium units and our largest unit at 10’ x 30’. That’s big enough to store the furniture of a multi-bedroom home. 

Cost and Pricing

Another big difference between storage lockers vs. units is the cost. The larger the unit, the higher the monthly rent usually. In most cases, locker storage is your most cost-effective storage option. If you’re on a budget, a locker might be the best call.

Accessibility and Convenience 

Not every storage facility offers storage locker units, so it may be easier and more convenient to simply rent the smallest unit available at your nearest storage location. Since many storage lockers are stacked, loading and unloading your locker may be more complicated than a storage unit.

If you have a higher locker unit, you may need to bend down to move your boxes into it or carry them up a short ladder. Compare that to a storage unit, where you can easily walk directly into it to store your boxes.

A larger storage unit may also make organizing and finding items and boxes easier if you need to visit your unit often. You may have to dig through your items in a smaller locker to find the box you need.

How to Choose the Right Storage Option for You

When it comes to storage locker vs. unit, the first thing to do is consider how much you want to store. A locker might be a good option if you only have a few items or boxes, especially if you’re on a budget. If you have large furniture, appliances, or a one-bedroom apartment to pack, then you’ll need to go with a storage unit

Next, look at the storage locations nearby. Do they offer locker units? How large are the lockers, and what do they cost compared to a small or medium storage unit? If the cost difference is significant, that’s a green light for the locker.

Consider how much you want to work to load and unload your items. Packing a locker will be less convenient than a storage unit. If you have hip or knee issues, you might have trouble bending down to put things in a low locker or climbing a ladder to access a higher locker. 

One last thing to consider is how often you plan to visit your unit or locker. If you expect to take things in and out of your storage space frequently, a smaller storage unit might be more convenient than a locker unit. If you plan to “set it and forget it,” stick to a locker.

Why Choose Price Self Storage

At Price Self Storage, we are proud to offer a wide range of storage options, including storage lockers and storage units in small, medium, and large sizes. For a great price, choose our locker storage unit. If you ever find that you have more to store, you can easily upgrade to a storage unit of any size. You can also downgrade to a locker if you don’t need to store as many items.

Not all our locations offer locker units, so find your nearest facility and check out our available units. If you need more help choosing the right storage option for you, don’t hesitate to call our complimentary concierge service.

Storage Locker vs. Unit Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which option is more cost-effective for short-term storage?

Storage locker units are almost always cheaper to rent than storage units.

2. How do security features compare between storage units and lockers?

Some sort of locking mechanism secures both storage units and lockers. Depending on the locker, this may be a keypad, a built-in lock, or a padlock. Padlocks secure most storage units

3. What items are best suited for storage lockers?

Storage locker units are great for storing:

  • Extra clothes
  • Sports equipment
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Family mementos
  • Holiday decorations
  • Luggage
  • Business files
  • Marketing materials
  • Seasonal displays
  • Office equipment