“They grow up so fast.” It’s a phrase you’ll hear endless times after you have a baby, and there’s undoubtedly some truth to it—especially when it comes to clothes.

The fact that baby clothes are separated into categories like “newborn,” “0-3 months,” and “3-6 months” should give you a hint that babies outgrow clothes with record speed. All this means you’re likely to find yourself under a mountain of onesies before you know it.

To help keep you on top of your toddler’s burgeoning wardrobe, we’ve assembled some baby clothes storage solutions. Keep reading for a healthy dose of organizational inspiration that will please parents and babies alike.

Baby Clothes Storage Tips

Storing baby clothes can sometimes be tricky, as you’ll rarely use more than a handful of outfits at any given time. Instead, you might find piles of unused clothes—whether they’ve been outgrown, don’t fit yet, or aren’t suitable for the season.

With that in mind, we’ve laid out these ideas to include clothes currently in use, as well as ones that need to be temporarily—or permanently—tucked away.

Label Everything

Whether you opt to keep your baby clothes in baskets, see-through containers, or totes, step one is to label every box. A clear labeling system allows you to stay organized and find what you’re looking for in no time.

You could set up your labeling system in a few different ways, including:

  • Separating items by age ranges (0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc.)
  • Sorting by season or activity (summer, winter, rain gear, etc.)
  • Grouping garments by color or theme

File Folding

To easily access all of the clothes in your usual rotation, try the file folding technique. Instead of folding clothes in half and stacking them in a drawer, fold once or twice more. Then, stand each garment on end and line them up in the drawer like files in a filing cabinet.

This method allows you to open a drawer and quickly see every option laid out. Say goodbye to pulling every shirt out to find your toddler’s favorite!

Keeping Sentimental Clothes

There are some baby clothes you’ll probably want to keep indefinitely for the memories. Baby’s first pair of shoes, a handknit sweater from grandma, or a favorite dress all carry sentimental value and warrant hanging onto.

If you plan to store invaluable clothes long term, first wash and dry them. Then, wrap them lightly in archival tissue paper. Keep them in an airtight plastic tote, ideally in a dry, cool place like a storage unit. Now you can revisit these sentimental pieces anytime you want, knowing they’ll be well-preserved.

Baby Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

For those of you with little room to work worth, don’t stress! These baby clothes storage ideas are perfect for small spaces, although you can implement them in larger rooms as well.

Two Closet Rods

Typical closets have only one rod for hanging garments. Because baby clothes are nowhere near as long as adult clothing, you can install a second closet rod below the first one. All of a sudden, you’ve doubled your hanging storage!

Go Vertical

To take advantage of a small room, make full use of the vertical space. Installing coat hooks is a brilliant way to increase your storage capacity, all while keeping your stuff out of baby’s reach.

Similarly, when purchasing shelves or dressers, opt for taller ones, as the space above furniture like this is typically wasted. As a safety note, be sure to secure any tall bookcases or dressers to the wall.

Use a Shoe Organizer

There’s one space in most rooms that is almost always wasted: the back of the door. It’s time to change that.

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door or closet, and you suddenly have extra room to spare! They’re typically made of mesh or other transparent material, meaning you can easily find whatever you’re looking for. Shoe organizers can conveniently hold a variety of baby items, from hats to headbands to mittens. And, of course, they can also carry shoes.

Clothes That No Longer Fit

As we mentioned before, part of having a baby is accumulating piles of clothes that don’t fit. Your first instinct might be to discard these clothes, but there are several reasons to hang onto them.

Hand-me-downs are a quintessential part of the parenting journey. If you plan to have another child, you may want to keep the majority of your baby clothes. Or maybe you have friends or family members that are trying to have a baby. They, too, would appreciate your gently used baby clothes.

We recommend storing these garments in airtight, plastic containers until you need them again.

Make Extra Space with Price Self Storage

Kids grow up and go through more clothes than you can imagine—that much is inevitable. But running out of room doesn’t have to be.

At Price Self Storage, we help you make extra space in your life so you can fill it with happy memories. Whether you need to store baby clothes until your next child comes along or until you want to walk down memory lane, we have the storage solutions for you. Call us today to learn more—just make sure not to wake the baby!


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