Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or enjoy a glass or two at special events, drinking a glass of wine can be the perfect way to relax. But before you pop the top off your latest bottle, there are some things you should know about storing your wine properly, especially if you are a fan of older wines. If not stored correctly, wine can quickly lose its quality and taste. Here are six wine storage tips that everyone should know.

Temperature: Keep It Cool

The temperature at which you enjoy a red wine is usually higher than that of a white wine. However, the ideal temperature for storing both white and red is similar: approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Temperature plays a significant role in how and where you should store your wine collection. Your best bet is to choose a climate-controlled area with a comfortable temperature. Whenever the wine storage temperature drops below 25 degrees, you risk freezing your wine. On the flip side, you will cause your wine to age more quickly if the storage temperature goes above 68 degrees.

In addition to being mindful of the temperature in your storage space, watch out for any extreme fluctuations. Rapid temperature changes can affect the cork, causing it to shrink or expand, which isn’t good for wine storage either.

Humidity: Keep It Slightly Elevated

Humidity in the area where you store wine matters as much as the temperature. You want a slightly humid place, as it will stop the cork from drying out. When a cork dries out, air can get through it and ruin the wine inside the bottle.

However, too much moisture in the air can cause your labels to become distorted and encourage mold to grow.

There are a few things you can do to keep your wine storage humidity at the optimal level of 60-70%. If you want to increase the humidity, add a small pan of water to the room, or enlist the help of a humidifier. Conversely, if your wine storage room is too humid, bring it down by using a dehumidifier.

Light: Maintain Darkness

Have you ever noticed that a lot of wine bottles are tinted? This is to help keep the light from getting to the liquid inside. The sun’s UV rays accelerate the aging process and degrade the quality of the wine, so keep your wine tasting great by maintaining darkness within your wine storage area.

Movement: Avoid Vibrations

Movement is not something a lot of people think about when storing wine. But vibrations also upset the aging process and could cause your wine to age more quickly than it should. So be sure to find a space away from laundry rooms, large stereo systems, or any area where loud sounds are produced. 

When you store wine in places subjected to vibrations, you may also end up with a gritty feeling to your wine. This is because the constant movement will keep sediment from settling, resulting in that unpleasant texture.

Storage: Lay Bottles Sideways

The first step to proper wine storage is to check its closure. Make sure the cork is in the bottle nice and tight so that it doesn’t spill as you turn it sideways for storage.

When storing wine, especially bottles with a traditional cork, make sure you do so with the bottle on its side. Storing it upright will have a negative impact on the cork, causing it to dry out sooner. When your cork is dried out, air can get into the bottle and age the wine prematurely.

Organization: Keep Track of Your Bottles

Whether it’s for your personal, restaurant, or wine club collection, organization is key! Organizing your bottles will help you keep track of how long they’ve been aging. Never let a wine turn sour by letting it age for too long! Invest in shelving systems and racks that will create a clean, organized, and accessible space to store your wine. 

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