Last year we wrote an article on dorm room organization. With such a small living space, and so much going on at college, it can be hard to keep your dorm room organized and looking good. If you want a refresher, take a look at that article here for some ideas on how to keep your dorm room in tip top shape.

While we were thinking about college and dorm rooms, we figured it was about time to check back in with the college students out there who are trying to get more organized. Students face unique challenges in keeping their lives organized, and we want to help out.

One of the challenges that many students face, is what to do with their belongings when the school year is over. Whether you are staying on campus, going home for the summer, going on vacation, participating in an internship program, or studying abroad, summer is usually a time when you get to do things a little differently, try new things, and maybe take it a little easier. Unfortunately, you probably can’t leave your belongings in your dorm room or apartment while you are away. For those of you who might be wondering what to do with the stuff in your dorm room when you are away for the summer, here are some things to think about:

Make a Plan

The semester is already drawing to a close. It’s all projects and finals from here on out. Before you get too caught up in your school work though, take a minute or two to think about your upcoming plans and what your storage needs will be. Are you leaving the dorms at the end of the semester? Does your apartment lease end when the semester is over, or can you store your stuff there for a while? If your lease is over at the end of the semester, then what are the easiest and cheapest options for storing your belongings? Take a minute to figure out your immediate future and make a plan for storing your stuff. Having access to a storage unit might make sense and will definitely make your life easier (and less stressful) as you transition from school work and final exams to your summer plans.

Store it

Renting a storage unit can be the safest and most economical option for students who will be leaving for the summer. This is especially true if you share the unit with roommates or friends to spread out the costs. A good storage facility will provide you easy access to your belongings and affordable storage as an alternative to renting a room or moving your stuff in with a friend or back home while you are away from school.

Price Self Storage

Price Self Storage offers many benefits for students looking to store their belongings while they are away for the summer. Here are a couple of the benefits you can expect:

• First month’s rent free

• Free moving truck and driver to make moving your belongings much easier

• Convenient access from 7am – 7pm daily

• State-of-the-art security with password controlled gate access systems and recorded video surveillance

You want to make sure that you get a space that is big enough to hold your belongings. Visit and click on the self-storage tab to access our size guide to help you out.

Even if you are sticking around for the summer, a self-storage unit may help you control the clutter in your dorm room or apartment. Price Self Storage can keep your belongings safe, yet accessible, so you can use them any time. Do you need a place to stash your snowboarding equipment during the summer or your surfboard during the winter? Price Self Storage is here to help. Don’t spend the time before school ends this semester stressing out…reserve a storage unit today and you can focus on finals and friends instead.