If you’ve decided that self-storage is right for you, the next question you have to answer is what type of storage unit you want to rent. Depending on the storage location you choose, you may be able to pick from drive-up storage, inside storage, or second-floor storage. However, the most convenient storage option is drive-up storage. In this article, we’ll discuss all the reasons why. 

What Is Drive-Up Access Storage?

When it comes to drive-up storage units, the name says it all. These are ground-level storage units with doors facing out. You can drive to the unit to load and unload your items. Most storage units with drive-up access have wide, roll-up doors to make moving your items into your unit easier.

The two other most common storage unit types are inside and second-floor units. Inside units are typically on the first floor. Still, they are inside the storage facility – meaning you’ll need to walk from your car into the building and then to your storage unit every time you load and unload items. Second-floor storage requires taking an elevator or stairs to access your unit on the facility’s second floor.

Key Benefits of Drive-Up Storage Units

The primary benefit of drive-up storage access is the convenience factor. If you want the fastest, easiest, and all-around most convenient loading and unloading process, drive-up storage units are the way to go.

Ease of Loading and Unloading

The most challenging parts of renting a storage unit come at the beginning and end of the process. That’s because you’ll need to unload all your items into your storage unit when you first rent it and load all your possessions again when your storage needs end. Depending on the amount of things you own, this process can be long and physically demanding.

Drive-up self-storage lets you get as close as possible to your unit, making loading and unloading your things easier and quicker.

Time Savings

Imagine how long it would take to move possessions from a multi-room household into a second-story storage unit. You’ll likely need friends or professional movers to get everything out of your truck, into the elevator, and, eventually, to your storage unit. Renting a drive-up storage unit can save you hours in the loading and unloading process. You can also save a lot of time if you need to load and unload items frequently, such as a business owner who stores bulky trade show equipment and supplies they use regularly. 

Less Physically Demanding

If you plan on storing large, bulky items like furniture or appliances, moving those items to inside storage or second-floor storage can be a nightmare. These items don’t fit easily onto dollys and can be difficult to turn or maneuver through doorways and hallways. Drive-up storage means you just need to unload the item and immediately move it into your storage unit. 

The same is true if you have a lot of heavy boxes filled with books, files, dishware, and more. Rather than lugging these boxes from your vehicle to your storage unit, you’re already right there. Renting a drive-up unit may mean you can do all the unloading with one or two friends rather than hiring professional (and expensive) movers.


Drive-up storage units come in various sizes depending on the storage location. In many cases, drive-up storage access can be larger than indoor units, making it ideal for storing large households or oversized items. Different sizes come with different pricing options, so you can find the right storage unit to fit your budget. 

Who Can Benefit from Drive-Up Storage?

Anyone who wants to save time and effort accessing their storage unit can benefit from drive-up self-storage. That said, a few groups will probably appreciate it the most.

Travelers and Movers

If you need to rent a storage unit for a short time between household transitions, unloading and loading your things will be a bigger part of your storage experience. It may make sense to rent a less expensive second-floor unit if you plan to keep your things put for a long time, but if you are moving everything again soon, pay a little extra for drive-up storage access.

Business Owners

Do you need to store extra office furniture, equipment, seasonal displays, marketing materials, inventory, and other business items? A storage unit with drive-up access can be helpful to business owners for several reasons. First, it’ll save you effort if you need to store large items. Next, if you need to visit your storage unit often to pick up inventory or marketing materials, you can make the process quick and seamless using drive-up access.

Older Americans

Many seniors downsize as part of their retirement plan, which could involve renting a self-storage unit for the items that don’t fit in a smaller residence. Lifting and carrying heavy things doesn’t get easier as you age. If you plan to move your items into self-storage on your own, give yourself a break and choose drive-up storage. You won’t have to move your boxes and furniture nearly as far as you would if you rented indoor or second-floor storage.

Why Choose Price Self Storage?

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