With the arrival of spring comes the familiar urge to rethink your organization. From traditional spring cleaning to special projects that make your home more livable, there’s just something about the freshness of spring that inspires you to do some refreshing of your own.

Your mudroom is one place where you can focus your energy. It’s a major passageway in and out of your house, so it needs to be a functional, usable space. And spring is the perfect time of year to harmonize that area of your house.

To that end, here are our top six mudroom organization ideas.

#1 Install Bench Seating 

Benches are a classic staple of mudrooms near and far.1 This is because an entryway bench offers a space-efficient spot for you and your family to put your shoes on when you leave the house and take them off when you get home. 

But bench seating can do more than give you a comfy perch for lacing up your sneakers. They can also:

  • Double as personal storage – Models with hideaway storage under the seat are great for storing winter coats, hats, and gloves during the spring and summer. On the other hand, models with open cubbies below the seat offer built-in shoe storage. Regardless of the style, it wouldn’t hurt to have a storage bench.
  • Help optimize space – With their combination of out-of-the-way seating and self storage options, benches are the superheroes when it comes to mudroom organization ideas.

#2 Get Hooked On Hooks 

Never underestimate the power of a hook when organizing your mudroom. One of the best-kept secrets of mudroom organization is using hooks of all sizes and styles for all of your hanging and storage needs, whether that be wall hook or coat hook.

From a coat rack to removable wall hooks to everything in between, hooks take up less space than hangers. And because they’re available in a range of styles, from traditional designs to modern spins, it’s easy to find styles that match your decorating scheme. 

Use hooks in your mudroom to store things like:

  • Jackets and coats
  • Bags and purses
  • Hats and scarves
  • Dog harnesses and leashes

#3 Dedicate Space for Shoes 

Reserving space in your mudroom that’s dedicated exclusively to shoes is a key mudroom organization tip. When shoes have a place to call home, they won’t be strewn about yours.

To that end, here are a few of the best mudroom organization ideas for shoes: 

  • Cubbies – Cubbies are perfect for storing shoes. They keep each pair separate, making them easier to find during your morning rush. Look for shelving options with built-in cubbies, or consider cube shelving units for a similar effect.
  • Shoe racks – For smaller spaces, a simple shoe rack can be the organization solution you need. Available in many different sizes and styles, they’re a quick and easy way to get organized.
  • Baskets – Whether you have small, individual baskets for every pair of shoes or a large basket for everyone’s sneakers, baskets can keep your shoes safely and conveniently stored.

#4 Install Plenty of Storage

Your mudroom is as much a functional space as it is a practical one. It’s the last place you stop before you leave, which means you keep a lot of stuff there, from items you use every day like keys, jackets, and shoes, to items you use less frequently, like raincoats and umbrellas.

Similar to the rules on how to decorate a bathroom, when it comes to mudrooms, storage is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to redesign your mudroom from scratch. Custom solutions are nice, but for a more personal feel, consider do-it-yourself alternatives like: 

  • Repurposing unused furniture – Old dressers, bookshelves, and even desks can make for an excellent addition to your mudroom storage. 
  • Converting your coat closet – You’ll be amazed at the extra space you’ll gain by converting your coat closet into open space. Think about bench seating along the bottom with storage hooks above. Don’t forget to add a few shelves overhead.
  • Baskets – Baskets can provide colorful, attractive storage if you’re low on shelf space. Fabric styles are great for storing things like hats and gloves, while wire models can be catch-alls for things like umbrellas, your children’s toys, or gardening supplies.

#5 Keep Only What You Need

If space is what you need in your mudroom, you can free up a lot of it by removing items that you don’t currently need. Restrict the contents of your mudroom solely to what’s seasonal, and find alternate storage for everything else.

For example, with spring approaching, you won’t need winter coats, boots, and other apparel in your mudroom. Consider packaging those items properly and storing them elsewhere, such as your attic, garage, or a self-storage unit.

#6 Build a Communication Station 

Your mudroom is a high-traffic area, making it the perfect place to act as your home’s communications center. 2And With spring just around the corner, your family’s schedule is about to get busier than ever. 

Outfitting your mudroom with a communication station is a great way to keep everyone in your family on the same page. From daily schedules and special events to activities like soccer practice, ballet recitals, and school events, you can keep track of it all with: 

  • Bulletin boards
  • Corkboards
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Wall calendars

Your communications center is also where you can post to-do lists, shopping lists, and important notes to family members. 

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