Do you need a place to store seasonal clothing or extra office supplies? If so, a storage unit can help with that. 

But there are so many different sizes and options to choose from! So, which one is the right storage unit for you? 

The answer to that depends entirely on your needs. Maybe you need it for personal storage or, perhaps, you need it for business storage. And with that, your storage needs will vary. To help you understand your options, let’s break down the different types of storage units. 

The Primary Types of Self Storage

These days, there are five primary types of self storage you may want to consider, including:

  1. Outdoor storage
  2. Indoor storage
  3. Climate controlled storage
  4. Wine storage
  5. Vehicle storage   

Below, we’ll break down each storage type and what they offer.

Outdoor Storage Units 

These are the most common types of storage units. An outdoor storage unit has  drive-up access which makes loading and unloading a breeze. Just drive up, open your unit, and unload your belongings. It’s as simple as that! The best part about an outdoor unit is that you don’t need to pack and move items down a hallway or elevator. 

Indoor Storage Units 

Indoor units are located in a storage building that’s typically restricted to authorized customers only.

Whether your unit is on the ground floor or on an upper floor, a state-of-the-art indoor storage facility should come equipped with wide-access elevators and free courtesy carts to make it simple to transport your stuff in or out of the unit.  

Climate Controlled Storage Units 

Do you plan on storing temperature-sensitive items? If so, it’s wise to sign up for a climate-controlled unit. 

A climate-controlled unit is meant to keep sensitive items including electronics, instruments, antiques, or clothing in their proper condition. Having this feature can help moderate temperatures and humidity within the unit. This goes a long way towards fending off mildew, dust, and other elements that could possibly harm your things.  

Benefits of a climate-controlled unit include: 

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your items are stored in the best way possible
  • Protection from extreme temperature fluctuations—both heat and cold
  • Humidity controls let you keep your items at the perfect levels. 

Although a climate-controlled unit will typically cost more money, the extra investment is worth it, particularly if you plan on storing your items for a long while. 

Wine Storage 

Do you collect wine? Are there older bottles you wish to preserve? 

Wine has very special storage requirements to ensure that the contents of the bottle are aging properly. Too much heat, humidity, or oxygen can ruin everything. But that’s not all, even light and vibrations can also cause a bottle to go bad. 

Therefore, wine must be kept in the right conditions. When preserved correctly, they can last for decades or even centuries. According to Master Sommelier, James Suckling, wine must be stored in the following way:

  • At the proper temperature – Whether it’s for long-term or short-term storage, wine should be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Horizontally – For bottles with corks, horizontal wine racks help keep the cork moist and prevent premature aging. 
  • In the dark – UV rays can damage both a wine’s flavor and aroma.
  • At the proper humidity – Bottles should be kept between 60% to 68% humidity. 

A wine storage unit ensures that all of these best practices are being met. For tips on keeping your wine storage unit tidy, check out our top tips for storage unit organization.

Vehicle Storage 

If you have an RV, truck, trailer, boat, motorcycle, or jet ski, you may need a place to keep your vehicles safe without taking up space in your driveway. Some storage facilities provide outdoor parking or indoor spaces for certain vehicles. 

Vehicle storage provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind
  • Increased security 
  • Easy “pull up, hitch, and go” access
  • Extra space

If you need RV storage, boat storage, or car storage, this is your best storage solution.

Price Self Storage – Offering All Types of Storage Units  

When it comes to self storage, you’ve got several options to choose from, particularly when you partner with Price Self Storage. Scattered across the California coast, our state of the art facilities include:

  • Indoor units
  • Outdoor units
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Wine storage (at select locations)
  • Indoor and outdoor vehicle storage (at select locations)

Whether you need Los Angeles self storage or San Diego storage, Price Self Storage provides local residents with a wide selection of affordable storage unit options, with a range of sizes and features. 

Give us a call today to reserve a storage space at a storage facility near you! Once you find your perfect self storage unit, check out our storage unit tips or learn how to pack a storage unit for easy accessibility.


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