Friends and family are great people to leverage when you need help moving, but they may not always be the most reliable or useful, especially when you pay them for their services in pizza and beer. Fortunately, the wonders of technology have made moving slightly more bearable. We’ve compiled our top resources to take advantage of during your next move.

Mobile Apps For Planning Your Move

Moving Day is a handy app that helps you stay organized as you pack. With the app, users can create a list of household items that need to be packed into boxes. It tracks which items are placed in each box and allows the user to print a barcode that can be taped to the top of each box. When users relocate, they scan the top of their boxes and the app displays what items are inside the box without having to open it. This is free for iPhone users.

Move Planner (for iPhone, $1.99) or Moving Planner (for Android, $0.99) allows users to assign tasks to different members of their household and hold them accountable for packing and unloading certain items. Users can sort the tasks by the date that they should be completed. The app also provides a pre-populated list of moving tasks that can be adjusted on an individual basis.

Google Maps

A big fear for many movers is feeling like a stranger in their own backyard. With Google Maps, you can explore your new city and neighborhood before moving in. From big landscaping details to more specific details about the color of neighboring homes, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your new surroundings. With the power of street view, you’ll feel as if you are standing there in person.

Price Self Storage’s Free Moving Truck And Driver

Free services at Price Self Storage are a real thing and we want you to tell your friends. As a Price Self Storage customer, we offer a free truck and driver for moving your items into storage. Whether you’re moving items into storage long-term or if you’re storing items temporarily in between moves, we will help make that an easy transition for you. As a new customer, we will also include your first month’s rent for free. Claiming all of these special offers is easy. Visit and reserve your storage unit. We will have a complimentary concierge walk you through the process of securing your truck and driver for the big move.

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