When you’re packing a storage unit, you’ll need to consider how items are arranged and stored. 

Whether you plan on packing your stuff away for a few months or intend to regularly access your items, a self-storage unit that’s neatly organized will beneficial. By keeping things tidy, you’ll ensure that packing and unpacking your unit is a breeze.  

Want to know how to organize a storage unit? Check out our top storage tips below! 

1. Create an Inventory 

Whether you’re securing a unit for personal storage or business storage, it’s smart to keep a list of what you plan on storing. How much detail you add is up to you, but taking the time beforehand can help you keep track of what you put away and where. For cherished items, record the following details:

  • Photograph and catalog each item
  • List the monetary value
  • How and where you packed it 

Make lists and assign items to their box. If you cardboard box your stuff, be sure to clearly label each box so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. 

2. Carefully Pack Delicate Items

Whether you have artwork, electronics, or furniture, be sure to pack them all properly. Use plenty of bubble wrap and clearly label everything. If there are items that are breakable, be sure to put a fragile warning on the box. 

3. Rethink box storage 

Most of your things are going to be packed away in boxes. So, consider what type of box you use, how you pack them, and how you organize them. 

Want to ensure your boxes are smartly packaged away? Follow these tips: 

  • Keep boxes to one or two sizes – When boxes are all a uniform size they’re easier to stack and simpler to access. Your goal is to make things fit in an orderly fashion.
  • Ditch the cardboard boxes – Although cardboard boxes are relatively cheaper, consider purchasing clear plastic bins. For a few dollars more, you can see what’s inside.
  • Store large and heavy items on the bottom – Cumbersome things, especially those you don’t plan on accessing regularly, should be kept in your storage unit on the bottom. This will help create a sturdy base to stack boxes or items and ensure that your delicate or lighter items won’t be damaged. 
  • Use wardrobe boxes – If you plan on storing clothing—like your winter items or formal evening wear—consider using a wardrobe box. By hanging instead of packing your clothes, you can help ensure that they don’t get wrinkled or lose their form. For more clothing storage tips, check out our guide on how to store clothes.

4. Prioritize Your Packing

When creating your list, consider which items you may need to grab at some point in the future. For example, you might have a golf club set that you use frequently. In which case, you might want to store it towards the front where it’s easily accessible. However, if you are storing seasonal items, you might prefer to put those items in the back. 

Whatever you need close on hand, put those items in last or within easy reach. If you’re planning on storing your items for a long time with no intention of using them anytime soon, consider keeping those items stacked on the bottom or keeping them towards the back.

Be sure to create a map that shows where items are kept, particularly if everything is boxed up. 

5. Maximize Storage Unit Space 

There are several storage unit organization ideas you can apply to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your unit. Space savers include: 

  • Installing a shelving unit – Adding shelves, whether hanging or standing, is an easy way to organize your stuff. It adds verticality and creates a space for items that might not fit neatly into a box. 
  • Breaking down your furniture – Items like desks, couches, and chairs are often bulky and don’t pack tightly into a storage unit. Do your best to break down furniture if possible. This will help you prevent wasting storage space. 
  • Creating an aisle – If possible, leave a walking lane so you can access items in the back or on either side of the storage unit. By keeping a small section of your unit empty, you make it easier to get to all of your things and not just those that happen to be in the front.

6. Upgrade to a Larger Unit

Do you have a lot of items to store? Even if you can pack everything into a smaller storage space, you might not be able to easily access most of your belongings. In which case, you’ll probably need to upgrade to a larger storage unit for a modest price increase. Common sizes and comparisons include:

Price Self Storage – Ensuring Simple, Convenient storage

Getting organized takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it! At Price Self Storage, our mission is to help you live a life uncluttered—and that includes inside your storage unit. 

So, before you start packing, remember the following to ensure an organized storage unit:

  • Create an inventory and a map
  • Pay extra attention to fragile items
  • Rethink how you use boxes
  • Prioritize your items
  • Maximize your space 

Finally, if you don’t have enough space, you can always upgrade to a large unit or get a second unit. 

Whether you need help storing items for your business or your home, we’ve got all of your storage needs covered. With more than a dozen convenient locations, from Los Angeles self storage to San Diego self storage, you’ll find a range of different types of storage units,, along with a variety of storage unit sizes and features at every storage facility.

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