getorganizedCleaning up and organizing your home is not always easy. There is a seemingly endless list of demands in life that keeps us busy and there are plenty of things we would rather do when we actually get a break. It can be really hard to fit cleaning into a busy schedule and even harder to get motivated to actually do it. Here are a few things that may help you get yourself motivated to get organized:


We all have a lot to get done during any given day; however, if you don’t make organization a top priority, it most likely won’t get done. Start motivating yourself by making organization a priority.


Start off by making a list of the areas in your home that need to be cleaned and organized. Be specific about the things that you want to accomplish. Just having a list can be motivating, however, each time you cross an item off your list, you will feel good about what you’ve accomplished and more motivated to cross other items off.


Big jobs can be hard to get motivated for. It is much easier to commit to working on smaller projects that take less time. The key is to break up the big jobs into smaller ones so they aren’t as intimidating.


If you schedule a little bit of time for cleaning, you will be much more likely to actually follow through. Plan to spend just 15 minutes every day; cleaning up and getting organized. 15 minutes may not seem like much, but it is much easier to commit to than a bigger chunk of time and a whole lot better than doing nothing. Getting started is often the hardest part of any task, so once you get started, you will likely continue cleaning for longer than 15 minutes. Even if you stop after just 15 minutes, at least you got something done and kept your good habit going.


Cleaning can get pretty boring, so it may help to do a little cleaning while you are doing something else. This can be especially true when you are doing something else that is enjoyable. For example, why not fold a little laundry while you are watching TV or tidy up the kitchen while you are talking on the phone.


It’s hard to think of cleaning and fun in the same sentence, however, with a little imagination you can turn your drudgery into something enjoyable. Try listening to your favorite music while you clean or turn it into a game.


It’s a lot easier to get working when you know there is a reward waiting for you at the end. Make sure to reward yourself for your hard work. Probably the simplest reward you can offer yourself at the end of your hard work is a clean and organized home. Picture how nice your home will look when your work is done. If that isn’t enough to get you moving, try rewarding yourself with something more exciting: a little relaxation, a favorite dessert, an episode of your favorite TV show…whatever gets you excited to get the job done.


They say that Cortez burned his ships at the beginning of his conquests, to motivate his men and take away any alternatives. If you really want some motivation to get your home in order, you can try the same strategy (without burning anything!) Plan an event at your house and invite your friends. Once the invitations are out, you are guaranteed to find greater powers of motivation to get things cleaned and organized.


Wait a second, “cheaters never win”…right? Well, when it comes to cleaning up your home and getting organized that may not always be true. If all else fails and you have some extra cash, you can always hire someone to do the cleaning and help you get organized.