Do your kids have lots of toys? Are you trying to find the best way to organize through the toy clutter? Maybe you just need some kid toy organization ideas to spark your own creativity. If you’re wondering how to organize kids’ toys or how to store toys, you aren’t alone. 

Taming the mess of your children’s toys doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some of the best practices for how to organize toys along with tips for keeping them in personal storage that will help you bring order to the chaos!

1. Ensure Everything Has Its Place

The fundamental principle supporting any toy organization should be that every toy has a place where it is stored. Understanding this, and communicating it to your children, will help ease the burden of keeping your home and messy toys organized. By creating a system where each toy has a place where it is stored, you’ll create a structure that makes it easy to stay organized over a long period.

Consider having designated bins or drawers for toy storage. If you want to go the extra step to declutter your space, perhaps you can create a toy closet with a shelving unit to hold all of the bins and drawers.

An important benefit of everything having a defined storage space is it gives you a firm understanding of how much space you have. If you purchase new stuffed animals or coloring books for your child, be sure to have a place to organize the older kids’ toys. 

2. Cycle Your Toys

If you feel like you simply have too many of your children’s toys lying around, it might be time to consider cycling your toys. Store some of your toys in designated play areas so that they are immediately accessible. Store toys that your kids aren’t actively playing within another area, such as your garage or a storage facility. Periodic toy rotation can breathe fresh life into older toys that are used less, saving money in the long run.

3. Expand Your Storage

Whether you are cycling kids’ toys every month or saving outgrown toys for younger children, you’ll need somewhere to store those toys your kids aren’t actively playing with. One of the easiest ways to ensure you have the space for your kid’s growing toy collection is to store those unused toys in a self-storage unit. At Price Self Storage we offer units ranging in size from a 5’x5’ unit which is about the size of a large walk-in closet to 10’x30’ units capable of storing the contents of an entire house!

Whether you need to store toys between play cycles, keep kids’ clothing and toys for younger siblings, or free up some space in your garage by storing exercise equipment, unused appliances, or furniture, a storage unit is perfect for a whole-house decluttering. If you do plan to store your children’s toys in a storage unit, be sure to clearly label your toys so that they are easy to find when you need them. Check out our guide on how to pack a self storage unit for more storage tips and tricks.

4. Create Dedicated Play Areas

One of the most transformative kids’ toy organization ideas is to create dedicated play areas for specific activities and store the toys your kids use directly in those areas. You might need to get creative with storage solutions, but this can also provide an excellent opportunity to create a unique storage solution that fits your lifestyle.

Experts recommend giving your children a space of their own to play in. But don’t feel like you have to have firm boundaries between spaces. You can incorporate a dedicated play area into communal areas in your home. Provide a safe, comfortable space for your children to draw or play in, but also communicate boundaries so that toys from that area don’t stray around the house.

5. Involve Your Kids in Cleaning Up

Don’t feel like you have to organize your kid’s toys on your own! Rather, get them involved in cleaning up. Setting clear expectations for cleaning up toys after playtime can help you keep your home tidy and keep your kid’s toys where they belong. 

Make sure your children know where the toys go when playtime is over. This is where toy bins can come in real handy. You can label these as well so your kids know that art supplies, toy cars, and books all go in separate bins.

By setting an expectation for help with tidying up, cleaning up after play will take less time and your kids will learn valuable organizational skills.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve struggled to find ways to organize your kid’s toys effectively, you aren’t alone.  While it can be daunting to keep up with the whirlwind that is your children, there are some strategies you can use to minimize the clutter that often comes with it.

Start by creating an organizational system where every toy has a single place where it belongs. Support this by creating a dedicated play area for your children, and storing the toys they play with within that area. You can get creative about how exactly to store the toys, but be sure to be consistent with where you store them. When playtime is over, involve your children in the cleanup process to create an ongoing organizational structure that both you and they will benefit from.

If you feel like you simply have too many toys and not enough space to store them, it’s a great idea to consider cycling toys into play areas every month. Store any unused toys and/or clothes you are saving for younger siblings, in a storage unit at your local Price Self Storage facility. 

To find the storage solution that’s right for you, or to reserve your storage unit today, contact our Free Concierge Service. Our storage professionals can help you assess your storage needs and reserve a unit over the phone. Additionally, you also can reserve and rent a unit online. If you’re ready to get organized, we’re ready to help! For more organization tips like how to organize your desk at home!