Have you considered decluttering your home? Are you not sure where to start? You aren’t alone! The average home in the United States contains over 300,000 items. Conducting a whole house declutter project is no small task, so it is important to have an organized and methodical approach. Our declutter house checklist will help you create a plan for your project that is realistic in scope, has defined goals, and will leave your home clutter-free before you know it! From pacing your decluttering project to investing in a personal storage unit, these decluttering tips will have you feeling much more organized.

Set a Goal

Decluttering your house can be a big undertaking which is why, as a first step, it’s important to first set realistic goals for the project. Whether your primary goal is to have a garage you can park your vehicle(s) in, or to have a place for every one of your child’s toys, setting clear goals can give you something to work towards and impart a sense of satisfaction when you complete those tasks. 

If you can’t think of a single goal, don’t worry. It can be helpful to set a goal for each room or space in your house. With this approach, as you finish decluttering a room you can check that goal off your list and start on another. Setting clearly defined goals will be the first thing to do on this checklist.

Declutter a Little at a Time

While it can be tempting to declutter your home in one frenzied weekend, it is often more sustainable to view decluttering as a long-term project. Rather than the all-at-once approach, consider starting small. Decluttering a single room can serve as inspiration for continuing the project and give you a sense of accomplishment along the way. As you declutter your kitchen, your bedroom, and so on and so on, you will, in turn, slowly declutter your life. This approach can be altered to decluttering by categories, such as focusing on a specific item such as clothing, tools, or knick-knacks. 

If you have ever wondered how to declutter your home, the trick is to approach decluttering methodically and with smaller, bite-sized goals that can be accomplished in a day or weekend while still bringing you closer to your long-term goal of decluttering your whole house.

Stick to a System

However you approach your decluttering, it is important to be consistent. You may follow the Marie Kondo advice of keeping things that “spark joy” or bring pleasure, or pare down your belongings according to the best, favorite, necessary approach. The idea behind this approach is to surround yourself with the items that are the best in their category, your favorite in their category, or are absolutely necessary.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to declutter, but what these systems force you to do is consider the emotional or utility value that each item in your house brings. By doing so, you’ll be surprised at how many things you might have that you don’t necessarily use or need regularly.

Store it In a Unit

Extending your storage space to a self-storage unit is one of the most effective ways to declutter your house. A self-storage unit can fundamentally change how you approach decluttering by creating an organized space for items you want to keep, but don’t necessarily want or need in your house.

If you are considering using a self-storage unit to help you declutter your house, it is important to make the organization of your storage unit a focus throughout your decluttering project. Here are some storage unit tips for making the most of your storage space:

  • Create an inventory of all of the items you are placing in your storage unit. A comprehensive inventory of items in your storage unit will allow you to quickly and easily determine where something is stored later on. Creating a list of all the items you are storing will also help you figure out how big of a storage unit you will need.
  • Use clear labeling on all of the boxes or totes in your storage unit. By having a separate box labeled for clothing and shoes and another for heirlooms or tools, you will be able to keep your unit clean and organized. Be sure to have labels placed in a consistent spot that is readily visible and easy to spot.
  • As you are packing a storage unit, use only high-quality packing materials to ensure that your items are adequately protected. If you are short on packing materials, Price Self Storage conveniently offers a robust selection of high-quality packing materials for purchase.
  • Leave yourself ample access lanes within your unit. Boxes and totes with labels should have their labels facing towards this access lane. This will make it easier when you do need to access one of the items in your storage unit.

If you choose to utilize a self-storage unit, be sure to seek out a storage facility that offers security features like computerized gate access, security cameras, or individual door alarms on select storage units. These features, offered at Price Self Storage facilities, offer state-of-the-art security for increased peace of mind.

Closing Thoughts

The key to decluttering your home is to approach it methodically and be consistent. It is helpful to have at least one goal in mind before you begin. An effective strategy is to set a goal for each room or space in your house. This will allow you to declutter each room or space at a time before moving onto another area. Not only will this make your decluttering efforts more impactful, but it can serve as a powerful motivator for continuing your decluttering journey. 

Once you have set goals for yourself, consider adopting a decluttering system. There are many systems available for you to adopt, including the popular best, favorite, necessary approach. The strength of these systems is that they can help you objectively evaluate each item in your house for the emotional or utility value it provides while providing a consistent framework for decluttering throughout your house. 

Lastly, you don’t have to throw away items when you are decluttering your house. Have a favorite pair of shoes from your childhood that you can’t let go? Keep them! Instead of getting rid of them, extend your storage with a self-storage unit. Storage units can be invaluable tools for storing the things you don’t necessarily need immediately available, but that you also don’t want to get rid of. By organizing your storage unit appropriately, you’ll have easy access to those things you don’t need on hand all the time, while still having the peace of mind that your stuff is out of your home, yet still accessible.

Try and incorporate these decluttering ideas into your life and see how they help make your life a lot simpler. To learn more about what storage options are available for your decluttering project, please contact Price Self Storage today. Storage is made simple with our Concierge Service. We help you determine the best storage unit for your home decluttering project.


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