Having a pop up camper is your gateway to great adventures. It’s a chance to grab the family, hit the road, and get off the grid. Being able to take in new experiences, sweeping vistas, and unforgettable memories are just a few of the benefits of having your very own home on-the-go. 


But what do you do with your pop up camper when camping season concludes and it’s time to return to everyday life? Where do you store it when it isn’t being used? 


Thanks to Price Self Storage, RV storage space is something that we have you covered for Southern California RV owners. Check out where to store your pop up camper with our storage solutions!


Storing a Pop Up Camper 


When it comes to storing a pop up camper, most people choose one of the following three options. Each one is a viable solution, so consider your situation and what might work best for your home and needs.


Your Driveway or Street Parking


If you have an average-sized driveway, a pop up camper should be able to fit in it. This is a free option that makes it easy to hit the road when you feel like it. Then, once the trip is over you’re, you simply return home and drop off the camper. While having the luxury of being able to use your camper at a moment’s notice is nice, there are some other considerations you have to factor in: 


  • Space – Depending on the size of your camper, you’ll need the space to park it. 
  • HOA restrictions – Some HOAs have rules that prohibit keeping a trailer, camper or RV in the driveway. Be sure to check with your HOA before you keep it at home. 
  • Weather – With no roof above your camper outside, it may be exposed to the elements, including wind, rain, sun, snow. This is something to consider when choosing indoor vs. outdoor parking or storage.


Your Garage


Do you have a two-car garage? If so, garage storage is another free option—one that has the additional benefit of weather protection and heightened security. When the camper is covered, it greatly reduces the likelihood of weather damage or vandalism.  


That said, most two-car garages are 24’ x 24’ or 24’ x 30’, which means that only certain types of  smaller campers can likely fit in a garage. Be sure to check your garage’s size to ensure your pop up camper will fit. 


At an RV Self-Storage Facility 


What do you do if you have a camper but are in an apartment or in a crowded city with scant street parking? Or what if you’d prefer to have that additional space in your garage or driveway? 


The most convenient option for storing a pop up camper is at a dedicated self storage facility. There, depending on the facility, you can store your RV inside or outside. 


For instance, at Price Self Storage, we have plenty of outdoor RV storage as well indoor RV storage (at select locations). Benefits of keeping your camper at a Price Self Storage facility include:  


  • Space – Dedicated RV storage facilities are built purposefully to house RVs, campers, and trailers of all shapes and sizes. This also frees up space in your own home. 
  • Security – Storage facilities have top-notch security features, including keypad controlled access, security cameras, and gated locations.
  • Weather protection – Locations with indoor storage provide increased protection from the elements.
  • Flexible Hours of Access –We offer flexible hours of access, gate code access, and individual unit door alarms on select units to allow for an extra layer of peace of mind. So, the moment you need your pop up camper, you can simply drive over and grab it during our open hours.


Price Self Storage Features 


Price Self Storage is the premier RV and camper storage facility in Southern California. Both our outdoor facilities as well as our indoor RV storage location have extra wide driveways. This makes it a breeze to drive up, load or unload, and park the vehicle.  


Whether you have a small or a large camper, we’ve got the space for you. Each state-of-the-art facility was purposefully designed with your convenience in mind, boasting a host of features, including: 


  • 20- to 40-foot length spaces available
  • Extra wide spaces available
  • Facility is fenced and well-lit
  • Keypad controlled access 
  • Month-to-month leases
  • Zero deposit required
  • Free courtesy carts
  • Security cameras
  • Concierge service 


If you have a pop up camper, Price Self Storage is the perfect place to keep it. For more storage info, check out our long term RV storage tips!


Pop Up Camper Storage Solutions 


At Price Self Storage, our mission is to help you live a life uncluttered. We can help optimize your space where it be in your driveway, garage, or back yard. Whether you opt for indoor storage or outdoor storage, when your recreational vehicle is at Price Self Storage you will have security for a peace of mind. 


With affordable prices, incredible features, and the largest indoor RV storage facility in Southern California, we are the clear choice for pop up camper storage.