Going to college is both an adventure and a rite of passage for over 18 million Americans every year. Part of that rite of passage for many students includes living in a dorm room. 

Dorm living can be exciting in many ways. It’s a chance for you to meet all kinds of different people and grow your independence. What’s not so exciting is trying to fit all your things into a small space. Dorm rooms are notoriously cramped, especially at older colleges. However, with a little creativity, judicious packing,  and some great space-saving dorm room ideas, you can create a comfortable and functional space for yourself and your roommates.

Here are 10 dorm room storage ideas to maximize your space.

1. Loft Your Beds

loft bed

When space is limited, you need to utilize every square foot possible, including your vertical space. One of the most effective dorm space-saving ideas is to loft your bed, if possible. This will allow you to move your desk under the bed or create a small kitchenette under the bed. Either option will free up much more space within the room.

2. Use an L-shaped bed Layout

dorm beds

Can’t loft your beds? You can still be smart with your bed space. If you feel comfortable with your roommates, choose an L-shaped room design where the beds are placed against perpendicular walls. This layout is the most efficient and will give you the most open space. Of course, if that doesn’t feel right, you can always place your beds against opposite walls so you each have your own defined space within the room.

3. Add Cubbies Under Your Bed

under bed storage

If your bed is on the ground, purchase pull-out cubbies or drawers and place them under your bed. You can even buy bed lifters to increase your under-bed space. Under-bed drawers are great for storing your extra towels, shoes, or out-of-season clothes.

4. Make Command Hooks Your Best Friend

wall hooks

Most colleges won’t let you put nails in the wall or add shelves, so one of our favorite dorm space savers is the command hook. These hooks come in many different sizes and are designed to stick to walls without damaging them. Use command hooks to hang your bathroom tote, extra jackets, or hats. You can also hang buckets and small totes from command hooks and store grooming supplies, pens, and makeup. 

5. Use Over-the-Door Organizers

door organizer

Over-the-door organizers come in all shapes and sizes and let you take advantage of your unused door space. You can find over-the-door shoe organizers, over-the-door basket organizers, or organizers with clothing hooks. Use them to hang your jackets, sort your shoes, or hold chargers, hobby supplies, and more. You can put these organizers over your closet or wardrobe door or even on the side of your room’s front door.

6. Buy a Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman

When you’re tight on space, prioritize multi-use furniture. One piece of space-saving furniture we love is a storage ottoman — a great place to hide your books, extra towels, binders, or hobby materials. It can also double as seating when your friends come by to hang out.

7. Add a Hutch to Your Desk

desk hutch

Another great way to use your vertical space is to add a hutch (or second level) to your desk. Store your books below the hutch and add your desk supplies, decorations, plants, and other items on the second level. 

8. Add Organizers to Your Closet or Wardrobe

hanging organizer

Many college students are surprised by how little space they have for their clothes in their dorm rooms. Closets and wardrobes in dorms can be small and may need to be shared. One of the best dorm space-saving ideas is efficient closet organization. 

Start by purchasing felt hangers instead of bulky plastic ones. Consider buying multi-hook hangers to hang multiple t-shirts or tank tops from the same hanger. You can also add hanging organizers that look like hanging cubbies. These are great for storing bulky sweaters and jeans. Finally, use drawer organizers to make the most of every clothing drawer. 

9. Put Pull-Out Baskets Under the Sink

bathroom storage

Do you and your roommates share a bathroom? You’ll need to make the most out of the space beneath the sink. Under-the-sink organizers are great dorm space-savers. These can include small, pull-out drawer sets, over-the-door buckets, and pull-out cubbies. Not only will you use every bit of space under the sink, but you’ll keep your toiletries and extra supplies more organized, too.

10. Use Stackable Storage Bins

stackable storage

Nightstands can be bulky and don’t always provide a lot of extra storage, so one piece of space-saving dorm furniture we recommend is stackable storage bins. Choose stacked bins with multiple drawers so you can store chargers, books, folders, toiletries, and other supplies. Use the flat top as your nightstand. 

Dorm Room Storage at Price Self Storage

We hope our space-saving dorm room ideas help you enjoy your time in your dorm. A clean, organized, neat space can be conducive to focused study sessions and fun hangouts with friends. 

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