Father’s Day is a very tricky holiday. Unlike Mother’s Day where you can easily deliver flowers, chocolates, or jewelry as a scapegoat, Dads require a bit more strategy. They usually want a gift that will be useful to them regularly, so something more practical rather than sentimental. Take for example the Dad that is an avid bike rider. Every single year he continues to ask for the same thing: bike socks. Bike socks! Very practical, but it made it hard to put some love behind the gift he requested. We’ve put together 5 different gift ideas for Dad, depending on his personality. Best of luck on your Father’s Day gift search and may the odds be ever in your favor.

1. For the adventurous Dad:

Take the boat out of storage and head towards the closest body of water you can find; not too hard to find in areas throughout Northern and Southern California. Whether it’s sailing in the San Diego Bay with a few beers or taking the boat out on one of the many lakes in the Bay Area, Dad will love it! Plan ahead and pack some of his favorite foods in a cooler. The day will be well spent and he’ll be sure to notice all of the hard work that you put in to make his day special.

2. For the Dad that wants to relax:

When women imagine a relaxing weekend, they picture a spa getaway, whereas men prefer to be out on the green hitting some golf balls with buddies. Gather Dad’s golf equipment and head to his favorite golf course. We suggest starting the day early and possibly inviting another father-son pair. What guy doesn’t like some friendly competition? Finish with an afternoon brunch. This gives Dad the opportunity to head home early and pass out on the couch if he pleases.

3. For the Dad that doesn’t know how to stop working:

Some Dads just don’t know how to give themselves a break. These are the hardest Dads to pick out a gift for. We suggest working on an at-home project with him. He will feel comfortable in his environment and be able to step away for a minute if necessary. Try a project in the backyard or garage. Maybe he’s been talking about installing new shelving units in the garage for months now or wants to clear out some of the clutter. These are great opportunities for you to lend a helping hand! You could even offer to transfer some of the garage clutter to storage and pay for the first few months. As odd as the gift of storage sounds, the Dad who never stops working will surely appreciate this gift and the gesture.

4. For the Dad who loves sports:

Celebrating Father’s Day while watching a game of America’s pastime is an easy gift solution and can accommodate any budget. Whether it be the Padres, Dodgers, Angels, A’s, or Giants, you can find seats ranging anywhere from $10-$100. All are guaranteed to be a good time. There will probably be some fun events going on specific to Fathers at the stadium, which will make the day even more special and interactive.

5. For the Dad that’s out of town:

If you don’t get to see Dad as often as you’d like, we suggest spending a bit more to make the day more special for him. Try incorporating any of the previous suggestions into a gift that can be mailed. For example, you could get the Dad who loves sports tickets to a really special sporting event like the San Francisco Giants playing the Boston Red Sox. It doesn’t happen very often, so he will appreciate that you went out of your way to get tickets in advance. Perhaps you could even fly out for the game. Again, you can also get Dad a storage unit to store his boat, golf clubs, or clutter from the garage. Price Self Storage has facilities located throughout California. We have various unit locations throughout California including Walnut Creek, San Juan Capistrano, Norco, Santee storage, and more. Contact us today to find a location and storage plan that works for you.

Tell us what you think of these Father’s Day gift suggestions. Do you have any to add to the list?