So, you graduated. Congratulations! It’s a big moment that you should be proud of. Take it in and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Don’t take too long, however, because the real world is not going to wait for you. Prepare yourself for several big events that are most likely ahead of you now: getting a full-time job, getting cut off from your parents (AKA becoming financially independent), AND getting an off-campus apartment.

Preparing for Your First Apartment: Tips & Tricks

While we wish that we could help you land a job and become financially independent that’s a personal responsibility, but we would like to help you adjust as you move into a new apartment. We’re guessing that you’ll likely live with roommates because it’s hard enough to pay for a tiny box of space in an apartment for four.  Thus, even if apartment and living conditions may feel small and cramped, it’s a big moment and we’re here to provide some helpful tips to get you started.


Love them or hate them, you’re currently stuck with them, and that brings us to our first point: choose a lease date that you’re comfortable with. Most landlords would prefer that you make at least a one-year commitment. We suggest not getting into a commitment any longer than one year. Why? You may get a great job offer somewhere else. You may realize that you can’t stand the people that you live with. Whatever it may be, you’re young and should have the flexibility to move around.

One of the biggest aspects of living with other people is sharing. You may find that when you move in, some of your roommates already have an endless supply of kitchen utensils, yet your mom gave you boxes full of pots and pans. If there’s no more space available and your items are not needed, what would you do with them? Throw them away or donate them? If these items hold sentimental value or if you don’t want to invest in buying kitchen supplies a year down the road when you finally move out, then we suggest that you keep them. Instead, invest in a place to store these items.

Similarly, you may realize that your room or your closet is not large enough to hold all of your belongings. If you’re not comfortable parting with these items, then store them as well. The last thing you need while you’re transitioning into a new job is living in a pile of mess. Keep only the essentials around, in a clutter-free environment and store the rest.


It’s hard to stay organized when you’re working with a small bedroom and a bathroom that you share with two other people. Our biggest recommendation is to utilize wall space to the max! Here are three examples of how this can be done. To see all of our storage suggestions, visit us on Pinterest.


While you may end up moving around quite a few times over the next few years, it’s important to have some sense of stability. Even if you travel for work a lot, or you want to move around to different neighborhoods within your city, keep your items secure.

At Price Self Storage, we have facilities available throughout California. We’ll help you determine a storage unit that suits your needs so that you’ll be able to focus on your career and living situation. Let us handle the rest. Contact us today.

After your first apartment on your own, how much storage space did you have?