You know the holidays are around the corner when you start to see twinkling lights,Christmas ornaments, an outdoor Christmas tree, and rosy-cheeked Santa Claus. Glitter-dusted wreaths and red-nosed reindeer posed mid-trot. From yard ornaments to light spectaculars and scenes of Christmas cheer, there are many ways to transform your outdoor space into a festive holiday attraction with lively Christmas decor.

Christmas is always just around the corner, so if you want your house to announce glad tidings of great joy to your whole neighborhood, the time to start planning is now. To help you out, we’ve compiled five top Christmas decoration ideas for outdoor spaces. 

#1 Lights

When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas for outdoor spaces, the first thing most people think of is lighting. And it makes sense. After all, light shining in the midst of darkness has been a quintessential theme of the Christmas story since those sleepy shepherds and wandering wise men first saw the fabled Star of David and followed it to Bethlehem.

This Christmas, make sure Santa and his reindeer know where to find you by taking your Christmas decor out of personal storage and lighting up your home for the holidays. 

You can always go the traditional route with multicolored string lights along your eave and gutters, or streamline your lighting design by opting for single-color lights in white, blue, or red. Other options include: 

  • Light-up reindeer and gifts – Oversized presents lit from within, and wicker reindeer strung with lights are an easy way to take your yard from flat to festive for the holiday season.
  • Festive path lights – Christmas lights aren’t only for your house. You can line your walkways and flower beds with light-up stars, Santas, and other iconic images of the seasons for an extra festive touch.


#2 Wreaths and Garland

Christmas trees have been symbolic of the holiday since the 16th century. And for nearly as long, wreaths and garlands have been just as notable. In fact, the first Christmas wreaths were shaped from the discarded branches of trimmed Christmas trees. 

All these centuries later, wreaths and garland remain a seasonal staple. A simple Christmas wreath decorating your front door is a classic option. You can also deck your eaves, ledges, and railings with strings of garland.


#3 Oversized Lawn Ornaments

If you’re looking for Christmas decoration ideas for outdoor spaces that turn your yard into a winter wonderland, oversized lawn ornaments are a classic choice. Adorn your lawn in plastic or inflatable decor like:

  • Giant gifts 
  • Santas, sleighs, and reindeer 
  • Christmas trees 

You can also elevate your outdoor holiday decor with lawn ornaments that feature characters from memorable Christmas stories like The Grinch and The Nutcracker.


#4 Seasonal Scenes 

Wondering how to decorate outdoors for Christmas? Sometimes, the answer is as simple as paying homage to your favorite things about the season with festive yard scenes. Whether you choose to go the religious route, put a secular spin on the season, or emphasize a wintry angle, there are plenty of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas to choose from:

  • Nativity scenes – If the Christmas story is a part of your holiday celebrations, consider converting your yard into a modern-day Bethlehem. Set up a manger complete with Mary, Joseph, reverent shepherds, and wise men bearing gifts.
  • North Pole tableau – There are few more festive scenes than Santa’s workshop as he and his elves prepare for their big night. Your yard can be the center of all that activity with a North Pole-inspired diorama featuring Santa and Co. hard at work. 
  • Winter wonderland – Whether or not you live somewhere that gets snow, you can turn your yard into a scenic winter vision. Decorate the trees in your yard with lights and put out vintage decor like old ice skates and signage bearing the season’s greetings, or sprinkle your bushes and hedges with fake snow. 


#5 Front Door Decor 

We mentioned wreaths already, but they aren’t the only way to spruce up your front door for the holidays. Your front door becomes a threshold of Christmas cheer with:

  • Christmas decals – Holiday messages, emblematic images, and wintry decals are all ways you can decorate your front door for Christmas.
  • Door wraps – Your home becomes the gift when you wrap your front door like a Christmas present. Don’t forget the bow! 
  • Stoop Santas – Decorate your front porch, stoop, and steps with Santa figurines, miniature Christmas trees, or light-up angels. 


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