Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the array of harvest-themed touchstones that tell you autumn has arrived, there are a lot of ways to decorate your home for fall. But when the season ends, there are a few tricks that can make packing up and putting them all away as easy as pie—pumpkin pie, of course.

Fall decor storage is simple when you have the right supplies and a little bit of guiding wisdom. To that end, here are four tips for storing your autumn decorations in personal storage.

#1 Use Plastic Storage Bins 

When it comes to fall decor storage, plastic storage containers and bins are your best friends. When storing your fall decorations, you’ll want to keep them as pristine as possible for next year. As such, you can use plastic storage containers to protect your ornamentation from the following:1

  • Precipitation
  • Heat or humidity
  • Extreme cold

Plastic storage containers are an excellent solution for seasonal storage. 

Plastic storage containers are sturdier and more durable than some other storage options, such as wicker baskets or cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers can keep your seasonal decor safe from rain or melted snow that can seep into the fabric of your decorations and wilt them like fall leaves. 

They also provide a barricade against damage to your decorations, such as fragile lights or glass decor, to keep them safe during transportation and shifting. 

#2 Get Organized

Organization is a key element of proper fall decor storage. For one thing, storing similar items together can help keep them safe and in good condition while you aren’t using them. Additionally, an adequate organizational system will help you keep track of where everything is when it’s time to festoon your home with fall foliage. 

There are many ways you can add a sense of organization to your fall decor storage. Investing in a few of those plastic storage bins we suggested above is one way. You can also make content labels and lists that indicate what’s inside each bin.2

You may also want to organize your holiday decorations by:

  • Theme or holiday – Your autumnal decorations likely include a mixture of Halloween embellishments, Thanksgiving trimmings, and general fall flourishes. Consider keeping all related decorations in one box to streamline your decorating throughout the fall season. 
  • Where you use them – If you have decorations that you use outside, keep them together. The same goes for those you use inside your home. When it’s time to decorate, you can start pulling boxes based on the specific area you’re decorating.
  • Color – If you go with plastic storage containers, you can buy lids in multiple colors and use a color-coded organizational system. Choose colors that are relevant to the decorations, such as yellow and red for Thanksgiving and orange and black for Halloween.

Organization is also a key strategy when you’re decluttering for the holidays.

#3 Compress Your Big Decorations

Inflatable pumpkins that nearly dwarf your house, life-size witches riding broomsticks over your roof, cardboard cutouts of grateful pilgrims—whatever your tastes, there’s a good chance that your fall decorations include some pretty large items. 

But your giant decorations don’t need to be a big deal when it comes to fall decor storage. 

The trick to making room for even your biggest decorations is compression.3 Let the air out of your inflatables and fold them up before putting them into bins. If your witches or human skeletons can be taken apart or broken down into smaller pieces, do so, and store all of the pieces together in the same bin. If there are assembly instructions, be sure to keep them.

If they can’t be made smaller, consider alternate storage solutions, like larger storage bins for camping equipment or a self-storage unit.

#4 Rent a Self-Storage Unit 

You love your fall decor for the months when they’re ornamenting your home, and a self-storage unit can provide the perfect refuge for your favorite fall decorations during the off-season. 

With climate-controlled environments and security features, self-storage units are a simple and convenient way to keep your decorations safe when the chill autumnal winds turn to wintery gusts and summertime fevers. 

Price Self Storage, Your All-Seasons Storage Solution

To store your fall home decor, consider plastic storage bins, labeled containers, and a self-storage unit for your inflatable Great Pumpkin. 

When you need space to store your fall decorations during the off-season, choose Price Self Storage. Our units are climate controlled, outfitted with security features for peace of mind, and sized to fit all your storage needs. 

With several California locations and competitive pricing, Price Self Storage offers a convenient way to store your decor for fall or any other season. And with security deposit-free bookings and short-term leases, you stay in full control of your things. 

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