Motorcycles offer speed, freedom, and wind-in-your-hair adventure. However, when the weather gets chilly, or you find yourself traveling or deployed, that same motorcycle can take up a ton of space in the garage or driveway. One simple solution is to store your motorcycle in a storage unit.

Most storage facilities, including Price Self Storage, allow you to put a motorcycle in a storage unit. But what type should you rent, and how do you prepare your motorcycle for storage? Let’s look at these questions in more detail.

Why Put a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit?

Are you on the fence about storing your motorcycle in a storage unit? Self-storage offers some valuable benefits.

Save Space

Most importantly, storing your motorcycle can save you some serious space, especially if you have a small garage and don’t have a shed or other storage area on your property.

Protect Your Bike From the Elements

Choosing an indoor storage unit protects your bike from rain, heat, UV rays, and other elements. Storing your bike indoors can extend the life of your motorcycle compared to storing it in a driveway, on your property, or on the street.

Greater Security

Parking your bike in the driveway or on the street leaves your motorcycle vulnerable to thieves or damage from passing cars. Most storage facilities are gated and have security cameras on the premises to help keep your bike secure.

Are you traveling or moving? Self-storage is a great secure place to put your bike during your transition. Store your bike during your deployment, while you’re in college, or if you downsize to a place with less garage space. 

Choosing the Right Type of Motorcycle Storage Unit

Once you’ve decided to put your bike in storage, your next big decision is to choose the type of storage that best fits your needs. Most storage facilities offer three types of motorcycle storage.

Outdoor Storage

Many self-storage facilities provide outdoor parking spaces where you can store anything from motorcycles to RVs and boats. Outdoor storage is usually the lowest-priced option and can be convenient if you plan to take your bike out of storage often.

However, your bike will also be at the mercy of the elements. If you choose outdoor storage, invest in a high-quality, weather-proof cover. It’s also a good idea to invest in wheel locks.

Climate-Controlled Motorcycle Storage

Some storage facilities offer climate-controlled units that help lower the risk of damage from extreme temperatures and humidity. Climate-controlled units are limited in availability and can be pricey. They usually work best for collectors with rare, expensive, or older motorcycles needing extra protection.

Indoor Storage Units

The most popular storage choice for motorcycle owners is an indoor drive-up storage unit. These units are on the ground floor and have roll-up doors. 

Choosing the Right-Sized Motorcycle Storage Unit

If you decide to rent an indoor storage unit, what size should you choose? Most motorcycles will fit into a 5×10 storage unit. You should also have enough space to store your helmet, boots, saddle bags, and riding kit. At most facilities, these small units are the most affordable.

Need to store two bikes? You’ll probably do best with a 10×10 storage unit. These units are also a good bet for storing a three-wheeler and might be the right choice if you want to store your bike along with boxes, sports equipment, or furniture.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage

Before storing a motorcycle in a storage unit, make sure you prepare your bike. These steps can help protect your motorcycle during its downtime and extend the life of your ride:

  • Perform all needed maintenance
  • Clean your bike 
  • Wax your bike
  • Lubricate your chain
  • Replace all fluids
  • Change your oil
  • Disconnect your battery (unless you plan to ride your bike at least once a month)
  • Fill your gas tank to prevent condensation 
  • Cover your tailpipe to keep out nesting critters
  • Fill your tires
  • Take off your tires or lift your bike to prevent flat spots
  • Cover your bike

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Store Your Motorcycle at Price Self Storage

Now that you know you can store a motorcycle in a storage unit, be sure to choose a reputable storage facility. Price Self Storage offers motorcycle storage throughout California. Our facilities are located near major highways for easy and convenient access. We also offer a range of storage units, including climate-controlled options. 

Not sure which storage unit size is right for you? Call our free concierge service to get personalized help and find a Price Self Storage location near you.