Spring cleaning can be a big project that you dread all year long, but at Price Self Storage, we like to see things positively. There is always a way to make cleaning fun. As you are tidying up, you can find hidden gems. It is so much fun to dig up things while cleaning your home. Here are 8 things you forgot were in your home:

1. High School Yearbook

Relive the glory days and show the kids your awkward and best moments from back in the day. It may help everyone realize that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If anything, it’s guaranteed to give everyone a good laugh.

2. Pots and Pans

It feels like pots and pans always go missing throughout the year. While cleaning up the kitchen, you will be amazed at the things you find in the back of your cupboards. Get to organizing!

3. Old Clothes

While cleaning out your closet, you will find clothes that are out of style. Gather them up and donate them to Goodwill. Especially that old leather jacket your wife keeps hiding from you and that suit from college that you wore to your first job interview.

4. Car GPS

That GPS you got for Christmas three years ago and forgot to install in your car is still waiting in your hallway closet. Now you can take the time to install it. You never have to be late to another dinner party again.

5. Baby Clothes

Tucked away, you saved your children’s cutest outfits from when they were little. You just can’t stomach giving them away, but you want to make more room in the guest room. Store your extra things with us.

6. Books

The box with all of your favorite books from your childhood is still in the attic. We suggest going through the box and dusting the covers. There may even be some limited edition books that could be sold online or at a local, used bookstore.

7. Family Photographs

Photographs tend to get pushed under the bed and forgotten about. Those pictures are memories and things that we can’t forget. They are especially valuable in a digital world. Start a DIY project, framing the photos and redecorating the living room.

8. Furniture

Old furniture can be hard to part with. De-cluttering the garage is a huge feat and will be worth it when you oust the old furniture and can park your car inside the garage. Can’t get rid of it? Store it at Price Self Storage and save it until you move to a bigger home.

Price Self Storage encourages you to start your spring cleaning early. You never know what you are going to find. Treasure awaits you at the back of your garage, under your bed, and in the kids’ closets.  Happy spring cleaning!