At Price Self Storage we truly care about you and your treasured belongings. Many of the things that you own hold sentimental value. We want to help you this spring cleaning season to make sense of it all.

Tips for Storing Sentimental Items

We compiled a few ideas about how to store your most treasured items.

1. Family Heirlooms

It is very important to respect family heritage and culture. But, when you have four of your grandmother’s dressers in your garage and you can’t park your car, you know you have a problem. It is hard because you want to keep those items for the future when you move to a bigger home or just have more space. Store with Price Self Storage in the meantime!

2. Outdated Paperwork

Do you have boxes of information that used to be important, but now is outdated and just in the way? We recommend the purchase of a shredder. It helps you get rid of documents that may have your personal information on it. Your security is important and being proactive about keeping your personal information safe should be a high priority.

3. Awards

The trophies and medals that are sitting in the garage, collecting dust, are taking up space and need some attention. Throw out damaged, cheap, old ones if you can. Limit yourself to one box full of awards and find a spot where it will stay hidden and out of your way. If you simply cannot find a place for them, we have multiple storage locations throughout California.

4. Wine

Collecting wine is a fun hobby that takes up space over time. Are you storing your wine correctly and at the right temperatures? Make sure that your wine is stored in a consistently cool space, in very low lighting, and laid down horizontally. Laying the wine horizontally keeps the cork from drying out and it’s also a space saver. For more specific needs, take a look at our wine storage options. Price Self Storage can accommodate your personal, restaurant, or wine club collection.

5. Fancy Silverware

Less often than not, nice china and silverware are used to put food on them. If it’s not going to be used, we recommend finding a new way to display them in your home. Take a few key items and display them in your kitchen. Statement pieces can add tasteful highlights to any dining room, too. Store the rest with us. It is important to respect these items and to handle them with care.

Price Self Storage wishes you a happy cleaning!