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In reality, some homes are blessed with spacious storage options—walk-in closets, attics, bountiful pantries—and others are not. The lack of storage space may only seem a small nuisance at first, but eventually starts to take its toll with clutter manifesting when items no longer fit where they should. When household items and possessions don’t have a set storage location, it’s much more likely that they’ll become lost, broken, or damaged over time. Rather than sit back and watch as your home clutters up around you, take charge, change processes, and keep your home tidy on your own terms.

Here are some of the Price Self Storage team’s favorite sneaky storage tips to keep your home in tip-top shape.

A kitchen cupboard with wooden magazine rack installed to hold cutting boards on the inside of the door.

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Kitchen Storage Tricks

Ah, the kitchen. With so many great gadgets, utensils, small cooking appliances, and food, it’s tricky to get everything organized the way you want it. Even when you do, inevitably, you’ll need to organize all over again three to six months later. Unless you fix the process, inspiring better results. Here are some ideas on how:

• Repurpose a magazine rack as ideal cabinet storage for your cutting boards.
• Take a similar approach by tucking away plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
• Keep pesky lids from pots and pans at bay inside a drawer outfitted with a tension rod.
• Make better use of the inside door of your kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint and tiny hooks.
• Build a canned food slide-out cabinet organizer.
• Stop wishing you had more kitchen storage space and make some with under-cabinet drawers.

Small dresser drawers painted and fitted with small wheels for DIY under the bed storage boxes.

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Bedroom Organization Basics

Whether it’s a pile of clean clothes that no longer fit in your drawers or messy shoes all over the place, a little discipline and a few sneaky storage tricks can help tidy up your room.

• Rethink the way you store your t-shirts and tank tops.
• Consider adding floating corner shelves for decorative storage possibilities.
Organize shoes with the simple addition of tension rods to your closet.
• Give your jewelry a secret-chic place to live.
• Change a bookshelf into a sophisticated storage bench.
• Create a reading nook for the baby’s bedroom.
• Upcycle old drawers into under-bed storage.
• Really get real about under-the-bed storage.

A magnetic strip affixed to the inside of a medicine cabinet door with tweezers, clippers, and other tools neatly stored.

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Bathroom Space Savers

When it comes to all of that makeup, medicine, and bath and body stuff, there’s got to be a better way! Consider these tips on bathroom storage and space savers to keep it clutter-free.

• Add a magnetic strip to your medicine cabinet so you’re never left looking for tweezers or nail clippers again.
• Use magnetic containers for super-smart storage.
• Install a wall cabinet over the potty.
• Create a mirror storage case for twice the benefits.
• Install petite wall shelves for must-have beauty products.
• Add over-the-door shelving for the sneakiest storage of all.

A skinny table set behind a sofa with photos and decor to save space.

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Other Storage Tips for the Home

You can find smarter storage solutions for just about any place in the house. Even smaller homes and apartments can benefit from sneaky storage tips, perhaps even more so. Keep these ideas in mind to help you tackle tidiness in any setting. Here are a few other helpful tips we loved.

• Create storage spaces where once there was none, like under the landing of your steps.
• A slender sofa table adds a subtle strip of usable space.
• Take gift wrap storage to the max by stowing it all nicely and neatly in a set of plastic drawers.
• Add stairwell storage for another sneaky option.
• Don’t forget your pets—set up a cabinet to keep all the food, treats and medicine organized.
• Who doesn’t want cool storage reminiscent of a secret passageway in their home?

We hope you like these sneaky storage tips! Feel free to share your own organization hacks in our comments below.