Apartment living allows people to hop from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood, slowly gathering a feel for where they’d like to set down roots. There is a trade-off for this type of exploration, however—small apartments rarely come with extra space for personal storage. Studio apartments in trendy locations like Portland, Oregon average in small space about 435 square feet—and other US cities aren’t far behind in square footage.

If you live in a smaller apartment, you might feel like you don’t have enough room for a table, let alone for interior design. But having a smaller apartment shouldn’t stop you from infusing a gallon of personality into your home.

No matter the size of your one-bedroom or studio, these small apartment decorating ideas will inspire you to channel your inner designer.

Honey, I Shrunk the Furniture!

As comfortable as an 8-person sectional is, it’s a tougher option in a studio apartment. When furnishing your small room space, opt for the loveseat over the full couch and a smaller dining set over the Thanksgiving dinner special. You’ll be glad to have the extra space.

And because you’ll likely have to keep furniture to a minimum (even with smaller choices), aim for accent decor pieces. Try thinking of creative apartment living room decor ideas.  If your coffee table can double as a conversation starter, you’ve made effective use of your small living room space.

Keep It Separated

A studio apartment doesn’t always give you multiple rooms to work with. One larger space tends to act as a bedroom, living room, and dining room all in one. But don’t let that stop you from creating distinct areas in your home.

There are plenty of creative ways to partition your home into separate “rooms,” including:

  • Color – If your bed and couch have to be in the same room, you can paint the wall behind one of them in an accent color. This detail gives visitors the illusion of two defined spaces.
  • Curtains – Do you want a wall to divide the room but don’t have a knack for carpentry? No problem. Put up a curtain rod and hang a thick curtain to create a temporary, retractable wall.
  • Strategically Placed Furniture – It’s tempting to leave your living room area as open as possible. But using furniture to create “rooms” may actually make your space appear larger. For example, use the back of your couch or a desk as a “wall” to section out an office and a TV room.

Curate Your Own Art Gallery

When you’re short on floor space, look upward, and you’ll find plenty of blank space on the walls. You can either hang various pictures and posters throughout your home or create a gallery wall (one wall dedicated to a collection of art and photos). Read our blog on how to hang pictures on a wall.

You can also display art in unconventional ways. Objects like throw pillows and area rugs can double as splashes of vibrant color—without taking up valuable space.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Speaking of hanging things on your wall, mirrors are a brilliant décor choice. Depending on your apartment’s aesthetic, you can choose between vintage statement mirrors and understated modern options.

Regardless of which style you pick, mirrors make a space feel bigger. They reflect other parts of the room to give the illusion of depth, and they also reflect light to brighten up your apartment.

Up, Up, and Away!

Studio apartment decorating ideas often focus on vertical space, and there’s a reason for that. Too often, amateur designers forget to use their entire canvas. Whether you’re blessed with high ceilings or not, be sure to build upwards.

Shelves should reach up to the ceiling. Dressers should be tall instead of wide. By implementing vertical design choices, you essentially increase the square footage of your home. You’re adding storage space where there wasn’t any before. Plus, height gives the impression of a bigger living space but make sure to use our storage size chart first to make sure it fits.

Let’s Talk Lighting

Need some small apartment decorating ideas on a budget? Light plays a significant role in apartment decorating, but it’s often forgotten. Try playing around with some of these tips:

  • Install floor lights that point up, guiding the eye upward
  • Avoid a single light source; include ceiling lights, lamps, and more
  • Try backlighting to add depth; install lights behind headboards and mirrors

If you mount lights to walls or hide them behind furniture, you can create a home full of ambiance without sacrificing space you don’t have.

Sometimes You Need More Space

Even after downsizing your furniture and decluttering your home, sometimes a small apartment can still feel crowded—especially if you have things you need to stow away.

Rather than moving to a larger, costlier apartment, try renting out a storage unit instead. It’s more affordable, and it keeps unused items out of the way so that you can use your living space for, well, living.

At Price Self Storage, we know all about making the most of a space. With various unit sizes at several convenient locations, we’ll store your extra stuff, giving you the freedom to decorate to your heart’s content.

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