Bicycles are excellent for local travel and fitness but have a major drawback — they’re awkward and difficult to store. If you have bikes for every family member, they probably take up major space in your garage or home. Fortunately, we have five useful bicycle storage ideas for you. 

1. Floor Bike Storage

A floor stand or bike rack for the garage doesn’t save you much space but can help you keep your bikes organized and looking nice. If you hate the idea of your bikes leaning against a wall or tangled together in a pile, try a bike rack. Simply roll your bike’s front wheel into the rack to hold up your bike. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Does not attach to wall or ceiling
  • Easy enough for children to use
  • Can hold multiple bikes
  • Easy access to your bike


  • Doesn’t save much space
  • May not fit children’s bikes or bikes with disc brakes

2. Vertical Bike Storage

One of the most common bike storage ideas for a garage is a vertical storage system. These systems must be affixed to your wall. Some come as separate mounts, while others include a rack that allows you to store multiple bikes. To store your bicycle, hook your bike’s front wheel to the rack so that it hangs or sits against your wall vertically (with both wheels against the wall).


  • Saves floor space
  • Lots of wall mount options are available
  • Can choose a system for one bike or multiple bikes
  • Fits many different types of bikes


  • Sticks off the wall and might not work for a small or tightly packed garage
  • Requires installing mounts to a wall
  • Can be difficult for children or seniors to hang the bike

3. Ceiling Bike Storage

This bike storage idea may be the best option if you have a small garage and want to fit both your bikes and cars. Many ceiling bike systems include mounts or hooks, allowing you to hang your bike upside-down by the wheels. If you’re worried about hefting your bike overhead, some systems also have pulleys that let you raise and lower your bike more easily. 


  • Takes up zero floor space
  • Can fit a variety of bike sizes


  • Must install hardware in your ceiling
  • The ceiling must be low enough that you can reach your bike
  • Can be difficult to lift and lower bikes, especially heavier ones
  • May be hard for children and seniors to use

4. Horizontal Bike Storage

A horizontal bike rack for the garage saves a lot of floor space but does take up a lot of wall space. Typically, you’ll install columns or rails with hooks that hold the bike flat against the wall. These systems can include a second level that allows you to store a second bike above the first. 


  • Usually easier to use than vertical or ceiling mounts
  • Can be installed in a garage or indoors
  • Easier to store heavier bikes on the lower level
  • Can hold a variety of bikes


  • Takes up a lot of wall space
  • Can be difficult to hang up or take down the higher bike
  • Usually only stores up to two bikes
  • May not work for bikes with wide handlebars

5. Freestanding Bike Storage

If you’re a renter, you probably don’t want to drill bike racks into your walls or ceilings. If this is the case, a popular bicycle storage idea is a freestanding horizontal system, a telescoping rack that sits between your floor and ceiling and can hold one or two bikes. Since they can be placed indoors, they’re a good choice for apartment dwellers who may not have garage access.


  • No hardware installation
  • No damage to walls or ceiling
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Great for showing off bikes inside


  • Won’t work for all ceiling heights

Bonus Option: Off-Site Bike Storage

If you’ve got lots of bikes that you hardly use taking up room in your garage, it might be time to take them off-site entirely. Self-storage is a great option if you don’t need your bikes on a regular basis.

A self-storage unit allows you to keep your bikes out of the elements so they retain their value while opening up lots of space in your garage or home. At Price Self Storage, our small 5×5 unit will accommodate one or two bicycles, though you may need to rest them vertically. Our small 5×10 unit will allow you to store multiple bikes on the floor with extra space for more storage. Want to get the holiday decorations out of the garage too? A 5×10 unit might be the right call.

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