“Storage” falls into two categories: simply stashing stuff away until later, or protecting a valuable investment when it’s not in use. Car storage certainly falls under the “investment protection” definition. What are the best ways to make sure your car is safe and sound while in storage? The first step is to find a quality car cover. We asked the pros at PFYC.com, a leading car parts distributor, for their take on this important subject.

Car fanatics will go to extreme lengths to protect their car. From washing & waxing to front bumper covers and all kinds of protective accessories, there is no shortage of ways to add extra armor to a car’s exterior. On the inside, all-weather mats and premium protectants for any kind of material (vinyl, plastic, leather, etc.) are a few preferred methods for keeping any car looking its absolute best.

Cars, trucks, RV's, boats and trailers parked for storage at Price Self Storage 100,000 Sq Ft Indoor RV, Boat & Vehicle storage facility in Solana Beach, CA

Price Self Storage 100,000 Sq Ft Indoor RV, Boat & Vehicle storage facility in Solana Beach, CA

What happens when you’re not behind the wheel? If you plan on storing your car for an extended period (or even on a short-term basis), there’s another level of protection that many car owners ignore. But you ignore it at your own peril.

So what is this extra layer of protection that’s so critical to preserving your car’s appearance (and in many cases, performance) while not on the road?

A car cover.

It’s as simple as that. No matter how finely-tuned your self-storage facility’s humidity level is, no matter how long it’s stashed away, one thing’s for sure – dirt, debris, moisture, and other bad guys are lurking everywhere. If your car isn’t covered, or you choose an inferior cover, you’re inviting all sorts of potential defects:

  • Scratches, scuffs, and dings
  • Dust
  • Paint wear due to a poor-fitting cover
  • Weather damage (for outdoor storage)
  • And many more

Choosing the Right Car Cover

When deciding on a car cover, there are some key attributes to think about. A quality car cover should offer a custom fit and also offer:

  • Mildew protection. Especially for prolonged storage outside or in a non-climate-controlled indoor facility, this is an important car cover characteristic.
  • Water resistance. Not all covers provide the same protection against water, so make sure yours covers the entire car – wheels, too!
  • UV ray protection. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are notorious for fading automobile paint. If you’re storing your car outdoors, or if your indoor facility has windows, it’s imperative to use a car cover with superior UV ray protection.
  • Ding protection. Accidents can happen. Items falling from shelves, accidental incidents, the occasional boneheaded blunder – to ensure a small ding doesn’t become a big problem, opt for a car cover with extra padding to prevent body damage.
  • Fabric softness. A custom-fit car cover is in contact with most of your car’s exterior surface. The type of fabric is critical for reducing small, seemingly imperceptible scratches and scuffs. The softer the interior fabric of your car cover, the cleaner and newer your car will appear.
High performance cars with custom fit car covers by Coverking

Coverking Custom Fit Covers are available through PFYC.com

Coverking’s complete assortment of car covers has something for everyone: outdoor and indoor covers, UV protection, weather-resistant durability, and much more. They offer a wide range of covers for any cover requirement and any budget, from the ultra-affordable Triguard to the uber-protective Autobody Armor.

These are just some tips & tricks to consider when choosing a car cover. For a complete list of PFYC.com car covers for Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Pontiac and many other makes and models, please visit our Coverking Custom Fit Car Covers page.

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