Fall has come. It is time to air out jackets and pack lunches for school. This time of transition from the hot days of summer to the crisp days of fall is a good time to spruce up your home and organize your things for the coming cold seasons.

Evaluate summer gear

Inspect your summer gear: all the cheap plastic sand toys, sidewalk chalk, and pool noodles take up space and generally aren’t worth hanging onto during the winter. They are easy and cheap to replace when the warm weather comes again, so go ahead and toss them. It means less clutter to deal with for the winter.

It is the end of the season for summer equipment like bats, bikes, slip ‘n slides, and water tables. These aren’t things you are going to want to toss, so make room for them in the back of your garage, or consider renting a storage unit to store seasonal equipment that you can rotate out at the change of the season.

Blankets and bedding

Air out your blankets and winter duvets outside while the weather is still warm enough. This will get rid of the musty storage smell so they will be fresh for your bed. Arrange blankets on couches, chairs, and beds throughout the house so they will be within reach when the chill starts creeping in.

Switch out linens

Switching out decorative pillows, slipcovers, or curtains is a relatively inexpensive way to transition your house from season to season. This will give your house a fresh new look that will energize you for the coming cold season. Switch to richer and deeper colors and heavier patterns. This will instantly update your home and make holiday decorating even easier.

Make your bedroom ready for the cold by switching out your light summery bed linens for cozier fabrics and richer colors. Fall is a great time to play with interesting prints and flannel sheets are great for cold nights. Layer blankets or even a faux fur throw to add richness and warmth.

Slippers are the best way to keep your feet warm in the winter. A basket of slippers by your front door for visitors to don after taking off their muddy or snowy boots would be a nice touch.


Rugs are also a great way to transition your home to fall. If you have stored them for the summer, air them out and spread them on your floors to keep your feet warm. Layering rugs on top of each other is a great way to create texture and interest in your home.

Fall is a great time for decorating because it can be so easy. Small collections of gourds, pinecones, and pumpkins or bowls of fall fruit like pears or apples can make instant centerpieces or tabletop décor.


There is nothing better than a nice fire on a chilly night or a cool morning. Prepare for those cozy fire moments by cleaning out the fireplace and making sure you have all the materials you need for a nice fire.

If you live in a warmer climate or have an unusable fireplace, use it as a focal point for decoration instead. Try a stack of birch wood or even candles of varying heights for visual interest.   

Transitioning from summer to fall inside your home can make the transition to cold weather easier and much more comfortable for you and your family. Switching from summer to fall colors and materials will make it easier for holiday decorating and entertaining later, which is always a bonus.