Out with the old, in with the new! The season of spring cleaning is upon us. But, you may be asking yourself, what is spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a popular practice—an annual ritual in which sleepy-eyed residents emerge from winter-time hibernation to beckon in the blooming season with a clean home. 

And, when is spring cleaning? Typically, household residents take to their plastic gloves and soapy buckets the first day of spring—sometime in late March. 

A well-done spring cleaning will leave your house feeling refreshed and your energy renewed. Many already know the drill: declutter, reorganize, clean, and throw away. But what can you do to ensure this is your best spring cleaning ever? (Like, ever.)

You can follow our unique spring cleaning tips and tricks! 

#1 Utilize Baking Soda

Baking soda will be instrumental in your fight against grime. According to Iowa State University, baking soda is extremely versatile. It eliminates odors, removes residue and stains, and refreshes fabrics. 

More specifically, you can quickly refresh your odor-prone refrigerator with a simple combination of baking soda and hot water. DIY home expert, Martha Stewart, recommends combining two tablespoons of the powder with one quart of water.

Apply the same powdered remedy to your oven top or other hard-to-clean surfaces—this time with a combination of baking soda and vinegar, which can be applied to any stains and spills. 

Then scrub and rejoice. 

Baking soda is also an antidote to dirty rugs, fabrics, and linens. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for no less than 30 minutes, and then vacuum to freshen the look, feel, and smell of your carpet. 

Smelly mattress? Try sprinkling baking soda along the surface. Let the baking soda sit for a few hours before vacuuming. 

#2 Go Green

Many household cleaners may irritate the eyes or throat and contribute to chronic respiratory problems and allergic reactions. The chemicals in store-bought cleaning products may also leak into the environment and negatively affect air quality.

Replace aerosol sprays, floor polish, and oven cleaners with a DIY eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner—combine one part white vinegar with one part water, then add rosemary sprig and lemon rind. Deposit the mixture into a spray bottle and shake vigorously to combine the elements.

Quick tip: A 1:1 ratio of warm water and white vinegar tackles most stubborn stains and gunk.

#3 Eliminate Odors

Looking for more spring cleaning ideas? Want to smell the fresh spring air as it wafts through your windows? Refresh your home with citrusy scents. Your garbage disposal will benefit from an invigorating concoction of orange- and lemon-filled ice cubes. Freeze the rinds in a block of ice, turn on the garbage disposal, and toss them in to eliminate any lingering odors. 

Tea tree oil is another great odor eliminating agent. Combine one teaspoon of tea tree oil and one cup of water into a spray bottle for a quick room pick-me-up. A spritz of lemon juice will also do the trick.

#4 Mitigate Messes

Your shower cleans you. It’s time to return the favor. Consider adorning your shower with a squeegee cleaner to wipe down the walls. That way, you can preclude the accumulation of soaps and skincare products.

You can also get into the practice of immediately wiping down any coffee rings or spills that may occur atop wood tables or countertops to prevent permanent staining. It may also be beneficial to cover any cherished furniture with a blanket, especially if you’re the parent of an especially angsty cat whose hobby is scratching your favorite velvet sofa. 

Blanketing your sofa or reading chair may also mitigate the risk of any stains or dirt accumulation.

#5 Rent a Storage Unit

After a long day of spring cleaning, you might start to covet more space. After all, that’s the point of downsizing and organizing—opening up the room. In which case, a self-storage unit might be just the springtime shoulder you’ve been wanting to lean on. 

Your own self-storage unit can help you organize, create space, and keep your belongings safe. Sometimes, the best way to open up a room is by acquiring another. 

Price Self Storage: A Life Uncluttered

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Whatever your springtime needs, we offer units in various sizes. There are also drive-up units available, and elevators to reach our upper floors. With flexible leases, zero deposits, and plenty of options, we can help you gain some space for your spring cleaning goals. 

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