Spring has sprung, and alongside brisk sunny days and blooming florals comes the great joy of decluttering and resanitizing your space. 

According to a survey conducted by ACI National Cleaning, 91% of Americans partake in some form of spring cleaning. Even if you’re not one to relish in a reorganization, spring cleaning may also bring much-needed reprieve to those suffering from allergies—by eradicating microscopic pests and year-old grime from hard-to-reach places.

No matter which way you look at it, spring is a time for renewal, and what better way to begin reviving your space than by checking out the following spring cleaning checklist?

#1 Declutter and Reorganize

The first step toward any spick-and-span home is the decluttering process, or a step-by-step project that will downsize and simplify your home.

It’s recommended to focus on each room individually—completing each space entirely before moving on to the next. Begin by categorizing your items into distinct groupings: things to put away, things to mend, things to clean, and things to trash. 

Always remember to stay organized. Designating bins, baskets, or bags makes the task easier. You can either tote each bin into the room you’re working on or store the bins in a centralized area more suitable for a full-house spring cleaning. The latter method is especially helpful if there’s more than one person working to declutter the home.

If you’re tight on time, focus on the three messiest home locales:

  • The Bathroom – Bathrooms, of course, are especially cluttered. Begin by emptying all drawers, cabinets, and bins. Then separate the haves from the have-nots by removing all outdated medications, makeup, and skincare products you may find. Throw out any expired or rancid products.
  • The Kitchen – Oh, the kitchen—the epicenter of long-lost utensils, out-of-sight food droppings, and the infamous junk drawer. Because kitchens are multipurpose, there may be an especially evident medley of untidiness. Tackle the kitchen in sections. For instance, consider removing expired items from your refrigerator before reorganizing cabinet space to reduce clutter and stress!
  • The Bedroom Closet – Not necessarily the messiest, but certainly the most crowded, the bedroom closet is a great place to declutter and cut down. Embrace the mentality of Maria Kondo by ridding your closet of any clothes that no longer bring you joy. 

#2 Sanitize and Transform

After you’ve eradicated your home of expired products and reorganized untidy items, it’s time to clean. Open your windows widely to beckon in the fresh springtime air, then accompany your deep clean with a lively soundtrack or enticing podcast. 

When cleaning your home, take a small-scale to large-scale approach by attending to the much-ignored crevices of your home first. This includes dusty window blinds, smudged baseboards, clogged vents, and sticky light switches. Replace light bulbs and fix anything that may need mending.

It also may be helpful to change the batteries of your household appliances, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check all of your electronics to make sure they are working properly and safely plugged in. 

Then, think big. Navigate through each of your rooms to vacuum, wash, and dust large-scale items like cabinets, lamps, and tables. Take to the outdoors to sweep your porch or patio and plant any flowers you’d like to accompany you during springtime barbecues. 

If you have the money, transform your bedroom with new linens, remodel your living room with a trendy rug, or replace an old stove with a modern alternative. 

#3 Create More Space

Despite meticulous cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing, you may still be in want of more space to store cherished items that no longer fit in your home. After all, many of these items still hold a special place in your heart. 

To that end, self storage is a great way to live a life uncluttered. By opting for your own self-storage unit, you can open up space in your home, keep your belongings safe, and facilitate even more organization. 

Price Self Storage: Your Spring Cleaning List, Simplified

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We provide our customers with more than a dozen locations, zero deposits, affordable prices, and month-to-month leases for the space you need. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for some spring cleaning support, you’re in the right place.


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