spring cleaning tips infographic

Here is a simple, step-by-step instruction for how to manage your spring cleaning this year. Do you have any tips that you’d add to this list?

Household Cleaning Tips

To get the most out of your Spring Cleaning, follow these general and specific key points in these common areas:

  • Household Cleaning
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

20% or one in five Americans suffer from either an allergy or asthma

Household Cleaning:

  • Fans and light fixtures: those hard-to-reach areas and high places you tend to forget about hold lots of dust bunnies, so get them out.
  • Air vents: change air filters, you won’t believe the difference it will make!
  • Windows: do a deep clean inside and out on all windows
  • Curtains: remove curtains and wash them in the washing machine.
  • Blinds: use a dust cleaner to remove unwanted dust from these areas.
  • Carpet stains: buy spot remover and get rid of those pesky stains.

Seventy percent of dust particles are comprised of dead skin flakes.


  • Bedding: wash the bedding in all rooms, and replace it with lighter sheets for springtime.
  • Under the bed: take time to vacuum under the beds, dust can build up here and cause unwanted allergies.
  • Closets: keep, store, and donate your clothes and the kid’s clothes.

Eighty-seven percent of the average person’s time is spent indoors.

Use baking soda on carpeting to remove odors.


  • Showers: scrub and deep clean the shower, it will improve every morning in the future.
  • Cabinets: throw away old items like lotions or old nail polish to avoid clutter.

With the improper use of cleaning products, air quality in closed spaces becomes 500% worse than outdoors. For air freshening, use ventilation, cinnamon and cloves, or steeped tea.


  • Fridge: reorganizing the fridge, throwing away unwanted or expired items.
  • Oven: deep clean the oven, it will make it a healthier place to make your family meals, removing unwanted bacteria. Soak in a mixture of baking soda and water, then scrub.
  • Trash can: disinfect that trash can, it can be a hotbed for bacteria!
  • Laundry room: disinfect both your washer and dryer.
  • Organize: organize cups, bowls, and pans making the most used items closest to you.

Kitchen vs. bathroom: most kitchen sinks have more germs than the toilet.

Use vinegar and salt for surface cleaners.

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