Moving is an exciting time in anyone’s life. A new street, a new route home, new rooms to decorate, and an overall new-to-you home call for several fresh essentials! Whether you happen to be moving into your very first home and you feel as though you need to replace everything from the door knobs to light fixtures, or if this is your last move into your dreamy forever home – A new address warrants a list of must-haves that transform a space from bland to grand!

home essentials infographic

Here are our 6 New Home Essentials to help you prioritize yours:

  1. Rugs: Your floors are the base layer of your home. No decor nor furniture will fit or feel quite right in a new space without the perfect accent or area rugs. This common essential is often overlooked, but good rugs will last a lifetime and can be styled in many ways as your tastes change over time.
  2. Artwork: The decor is the pretty bow on the top of your new house. This essential should be considered either first or last in the finishing of a room. You either style your entire room around a desired look or piece, or you fill the room with what you already have and then search for the artwork that will pull it all together. Regardless, take your time with decor choices, this is your new home’s signature and lasting appeal. If you find yourself in need of design advice, consult with an online interior design service like Havenly.
  3. New Mattress, Sheets, & Pillows: It’s no surprise we spend a lot of our lives lounging and sleeping in our beds (⅓ to be exact). A new home is a great time to consider replacing your overworn and overused items – including furniture. Mattress brands like Casper conveniently ship mattresses-in-a-box directly to you, making your transition into a new space easy with one less heavy load to lift.
  4. Home Necessities: It’s easy to overlook the items you don’t always realize you need until you need them. Make sure you purchase the classic at-home accessories, including plungers, full-length mirrors, a coffee machine, & sufficient lamps.
  5. Proper Storage: This is important but also circumstantial and subjective to your needs. Do you have a massive shoe collection? Or maybe you store away an unnecessary amount of non-perishables? Figure out what you tend to have the most of and develop unique storage options to suit those needs. Whether you need bins for your new and large attic space or maybe some extra shelves in the pantry, invest in order and organization. If your storage needs are too big for your new space, consider convenient self-storage options nearby.
  6. Cleaning Supplies: A new place will have its own set of new messes. Be prepared for the daily wear and tear of your new home and invest in top-notch cleaning supplies that compliment the finishes of your home. If the majority of your home is hardwood flooring, find the best dust mop on the market. If you have new carpets, get a vacuum that can handle the job. Before you move into a new space, it’s good luck to sweep and clean the corners of a room, resetting it for new energy.

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