With the holiday season in full swing, our team here at Price Self Storage decided to join in the fun with our own creative compilation. Below, you’ll find the best of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas, compiled by our storage team. Read on for our whacky and creative Elf on the Shelf list, and check out our special Elf Storage in Southern California, perfect for storing presents and holiday decorations!


Snowball Fight from Nelly Cole Photography…

Feeling frozen? This elf sure is. Find yourself an Elsa figurine and freeze your elf on the Shelf in a small bucket of water overnight for this creative, Disney-themed Frozen effect.

A Christmas Story were an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

A Christmas Story, as told by the Elf on the Shelf. Pay close attention to the detail in this set piece, but don’t look too hard — you’ll shoot your eye out!

Swinging Elf from A Small Snippet

Set up this swinging Elf on a the Shelf with a single piece of string and an old toilet paper roll. This elf won’t be hard to find, but it will sure make heads turn!

From elfingaround

It’s Christmas in Paris, and these to elf artists are just elfing-around! Bring your elf-sized passports, fine wine, and charcuterie and join in the fun!

From Macabee and Noelle

Somebody has taken Santa’s cookies, and these elves are on a mission to reveal the culprit? Is it Cookie Monster, or was he framed? Only the missing Gingerbread Man knows for sure…

The Howards Got Elfed.

Looks like the elves themselves are eating gingerbread cookies in this creative setpice. Don’t eat too many, or you’ll end like the elf with the bucket, unhappier than the Grinch himself!

Wrecking Ball Elf From Ashley Tawil.

Clearly, this elf came in like a wrecking ball to save Christmas. Want to set up your very own Miley-Cyrus-themed Elf on the Shelf set piece? Grab a Christmas ornament and some string, and you’re good to go!

From Ruby’s Elf Buddy.

Looks like this elf and his friends got off the shelf and found the copier. As if there weren’t enough elves already!

Elf Melting Frosty from Pink Peony

Perhaps this Elf on the Shelf and Frosty the Snowman had a bit of a disagreement. At some point, a hairdryer got involved, and the rest is history. Make your very own Frosty using frosting or white glue and set up this Elf on the Shelf set piece in your home!

From Elf On The Shelf.

DJ Elf on the Shelf is the building, spinning the latest selections from his lollipop LPs. Looking to set this one up in your home? Grab two lollipops and make a small pair of headphones out of twist-ties. You’re ready to Jingle Bell Rock.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

Sipping syrup — it doesn’t get any sweeter than that. To set up this set piece in your own home, grab a bottle of syrup and a straw (or two, if your Elf on the Shelf has guests). Make sure you have small seats for everyone. Mugs will do just fine. Cheers!

From Elf on The Shelf

Nothing says holiday relaxation like a spa day complete with a marshmellow foot bath. After this pampering treatment, this lucky elf may never want to go back on the shelf!

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