Precious masterpieces by tiny hands and infinitely creative minds deserve a place in your heart forever. Finding children’s artwork a permanent place in the home can be tricky, though. Setting up a process of organizing and archiving can dramatically reduce paper clutter throughout your home. It’ll also help you recall which child made which pieces of artwork when as you look back through their childhood portfolio of creativity.

With a good plan in place, you can encourage your prolific young artists to color, paint, and paste their hearts out. Consider these tips for children’s art display and kids’ artwork storage to make the most of their creations.

Young girl painting her hand

Tips to Label & Store Children’s Artwork

  • Use a self-inking date stamp to easily record the month and year of all your kids’ art Now you won’t have to remember if they were three or four years old when they made their first family portrait.
  • Likewise, consider getting your kids their own name stamps. You can tell them to write their names on all their artwork, but it doesn’t always happen. Save yourself time and trouble with a name stamp.
  • Give each of your kids their own binders or expandable folders to store their favorite pictures and paintings.
  • Stash your children’s art in individual envelopes labeled with the month, year, and name. File all artwork that fits into these large envelopes for easy archival.
  • Go digital with your kids’ art. Scan all of the art but save physical copies of only your very favorites.
  • Check into kids’ artwork apps where you can scan and save favorites with ease.
  • Assign each child a filing box with a tight-fitting lid. Fit all of the year’s artwork, school worksheets, and assignments into the box and stash it in your attic or secure and private personal storage unit for safekeeping.

Kids butterfuly artwork

Ideas on Displaying Kids’ Artwork

  • Rely on fridge frames to showcase recent art. Swap these for new pictures as often as you wish.
  • Create compilations of your favorite art prints that you’ve scanned. Label each page with the child’s name, age, and title, or note what the picture is if known.
  • Hanging kids’ artwork along wide, open walls produces a beautiful art wall they can enjoy updating every week with a new picture. Choose frames or art displays with clips the kids can operate themselves.
  • Choose easy-open frames so you can swap out the children’s artwork the moment your little one presents you with a new masterpiece. Their feelings of proud accomplishment will be well worth it!
  • Put together a scrapbook with your child, including your favorite art and personal touches by the budding artist. Keep this accessible so your little one can show it off to family and friends on demand.
  • For a simple solution, allow kids to hang their own pictures on the back of a door with painter’s tape or sticky tack products that won’t damage the finish.
  • If you feel you’re taking on more kids’ artwork than you can handle, get creative and share it. Ask your kids if they want to put together an art package for special delivery to their grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Your family will be thrilled to receive something in the mail other than bills and junk mail and your kids will love putting this sweet mailer together—win-win!

Young boy coloring at desk

Make a point to get a handle on your kids’ art storage, but don’t just hide it all away—make sure to proudly showcase your favorites. Putting a plan in place for your children’s artwork storage instantly makes your life feel less cluttered. The expressive home accents of imaginative young minds bring amazing energy to your home, brightening up spaces in a way nothing else could.