Floating on the tides will have to wait for another day as winter’s chill has officially tightened around us. It’s going to be a few months of waiting before your ship can set sail again, so now is a good time to consider boat storage. Storing a boat over the winter allows you to be proactive in the care and maintenance of your vessel, extending its lifetime and keeping it safe from the elements as well as from vandals and shady characters. It also allows you to take some time to get your boat ready for the beautiful weather that’s just on the horizon.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Boat Storage

Storing your boat over the winter is one of the best care and maintenance decisions you can make. Here’s why:

  1. Boat storage keeps your boat carefully tucked away until you are ready to use it again. You won’t have to worry about vandalism or theft while your ship is securely stowed.
  2. Indoor boat storage helps to ward off pests and varmints, bird droppings, and an endless supply of environmental debris that can wreak havoc on your craft.
  3. Boat storage facilities often offer climate-controlled space to keep your boat out of the elements and in an ideal setting.
  4. Storing your boat offsite keeps your yard and driveway free of that cluttered look that often occurs when seasonal vehicles just sit there.
  5. You can find boat storage facilities conveniently located close to your home or your favorite waterways, making for an easy commute for a day of fishing, skiing, or sailing.
A boat and car stored in Price Self Storage Solana Beach CA indoor storage facility

Price Self Storage 100,000 sq.ft. indoor storage facility in Solana Beach CA accommodates boats, RVs, vehicles, trailers and more, with extra large pull through spaces.

Where to Store a Boat

Wherever you search, you can find secure boat parking and indoor boat storage options to safely stow your vessel until spring arrives. Here are a few tips to help you find a local boat storage facility that meets your needs.

  1. Choose a facility with 24-hour video surveillance monitoring to ensure your boat is safe and secure.
  2. For an added layer of security, look into a location with computerized gate access and an onsite resident facility manager.
  3. Ensure the size of the boat storage unit accommodates the full size of your vessel. Take measurements before calling just to be sure.
  4. For added convenience of parking and pickup, look into storing a boat in pull-through and extra wide spaces.
  5. Try to find covered boat storage to best protect your boat from the winter environment.
  6. Aim to secure a month-to-month lease if you have fair-weather storage during the regular boating season.
  7. Consider year-round storage if your property and preferred boat launch locations don’t allow for daily boat storage.
Boat, cars, RV's and trailers stored at Price Self Storage Azusa CA storage facility

Price Self Storage Boat & RV storage at in Azusa, CA can accommodate a variety of vehicles and vessels.

More Boat Storage Tips

For best results, give your boat a little TLC before you tuck it in for the winter. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Clean your boat from bow to stern before storing. Clean off any barnacles and dispose of any trash prior to parking.
  2. Handle any maintenance tasks such as oil changes, swapping out the antifreeze, and topping off your gas tank.
  3. Make note of any repairs or shopping list items you’ll need to tackle before you can ride the tides again.
  4. Ensure you give your boat a proper support system at storage time. Be it a trailer, jack stands, or blocks, this support is vital to the health and integrity of your engine, hull, and bulkheads in particular.
  5. Treat your boat to a nice waxing and cover it up. This helps to prevent rust and corrosion from taking over.
  6. Finally, check your boat registration to make sure you are good to go when spring arrives.

Boat self storage is a quick and easy way to keep your boat safe when it’s not in use. While waiting is never as much fun as actually doing, memories and daydreams of warm and sunny days upon the water will carry you through the cooler months. And, before you know it, you’ll be pulling up to your favorite boat launch, ready for the adventures that lie ahead.