Are you remodeling your office? Is your home going through a renovation? If you are doing any renovation work, you’re probably going to need a place to keep all your stuff. 

With Price Self Storage, finding temporary storage during a renovation is easy. We have dozens of storage sites conveniently located throughout southern and northern California. Each state-of-the-art facility comes jam packed with helpful features that will meet your storage needs and make moving your stuff in a breeze. 

To help you better prepare for your renovation, today, we’ll review what to look for in a short-term storage unit and get you that extra space for your household items.   

How Does Temporary Self Storage Work? 

Storage units provide the extra space you need to store your stuff during a short- or long-term project, remodel, or renovation. Units come in a wide range of sizes, which means you can store just the essentials or an entire house if needed. 

The best storage facilities also provide short-term storage for boats, RVs, and other vehicles that you might need to get out of your driveway or garage in the meantime. 

At Price Self Storage, we offer month-to-month leases on units that come with a host of features, including: 

  • Flexible, keypad controlled access
  • A well-lit and gated modern facility
  • Security cameras throughout the facility 
  • Drive-up unit accessibility 
  • Free courtesy carts 
  • Expert concierge service 
  • Indoor and outdoor storage
  • On-demand moving and packing supplies

Our mission is to help you live a life uncluttered. We’ve done that by creating a storage experience that’s seamless, whether you’re keeping your things with us for just a month or for several over the duration of your renovation process.

Types of Storage Units Available 

Depending on the storage facility, there are five types of temporary storage options you may want to consider, including: 

  1. Indoor storage units – Indoor units provide you with extra security and protection from the outside elements. For indoor units, you must first enter the building to reach your assigned spot. When searching for the right indoor facility, look for one that provides wide-access elevators and free courtesy carts. 
  2. Outdoor storage units – Outdoor units are easily accessible, which makes loading or unloading your things very convenient! A facility with a range of outdoor unit sizes, that have drive-up accessibility, gives you more options when choosing the right self storage location. 
  3. Climate controlled storage – Do you have items that are sensitive and need to be kept at the proper temperature? Facilities that offer climate controlled units are the best fit. These types of units ensure that your things are less vulnerable to extreme humidity, heat, or cold. 
  4. Vehicle storage – If you have boats, cars, or RVs that need a temporary parking space, certain storage facilities offer outdoor or indoor parking spaces. 
  5. Wine storage – Do you have a wine collection that needs a new home? If so, that wine needs to be kept properly. Heat, humidity, oxygen, and even light could ruin a fine wine. A dedicated wine storage unit ensures that bottles are stored at the proper temperature and humidity, kept horizontal, and stored in the dark.  

As you begin to pack your things, think about what type of unit would best meet your specific needs during your home renovation project.

Temporary Storage Unit Sizes? 

Naturally, the size of a storage unit you need depends on your situation and the size of your home renovation. At Price Self Storage, we provide a host of storage unit size options, including: 

  • Small 5×5 – This storage space can hold a large closet’s worth of things. If you just need a little extra space, this may be perfect for storing office supplies, small furniture, or seasonal decorations. 
  • Small 5×10 – This size unit can hold the contents of a single room. So, if you’re remodeling, this could store your room’s furniture as well as your personal items. 
  • Medium 10×10 – This storage space is right for a two-bedroom house or a small office. This is likely the smallest size unit you choose in the event of a total renovation. 
  • Large 10×15 – This size unit is perfect for a three-bedroom house or a medium-sized office, including all of your furniture and equipment. 
  • Large 10×20 – This size unit can hold up to four rooms worth of things. It’s perfectly sized for a major renovation on an entire office of home. 
  • Largest 10×30 – This size unit can fit the contents of an entire large house and garage.  

If you need further assistance with finding the perfect storage unit size before renovating, check out our Storage Unit Size Guide for more information.  

Price Self Storage—The Go-To Temporary Storage Solution 

If you’re looking for a short-term storage option, you’ve already found it! 

Price Self Storage offers flexible, affordable, month-to-month leases on a wide range of storage units. Whether you need to store the contents of a single office or an entire home, rest assured, we have the room and features to accommodate your every storage need during your home improvement project.

Interested in finding out more? Call or email our team to find an option that works for you.