As a beacon of new things, springtime reminds us to refresh and revitalize our lives and our homes. Spring cleaning comes to mind as a time to air out the house, freshen up the home furnishings, and whisk away dust and debris from forgotten corners of every room. Even if you thoroughly clean your home on a very regular basis, some areas need a little extra TLC once or twice a year. Following a cleaning plan can help you to deep clean your home as quickly and efficiently as possible, making sure not to miss important areas.

Woman wearing rubber gloves kneeling on the floor wiping clean by hand.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

A deep cleaning gives your house an unmistakable sparkle that makes you smile at a job well done. Remember to clean your home the way you would clean a car, from top to bottom! This way the crumbs and debris end up on the floor where you can easily vacuum or sweep them away. Review our deep cleaning checklist to guide you through the process of a top-to-bottom scrub on your home.

1. A Deep Clean Kitchen
  • Dust the tops of cabinets if exposed, along with any knickknacks.
  • Dust the top of the fridge.
  • Wipe dust from overhead light fixtures.
  • Clean out bugs and debris from inside domes and flush mount fixtures.
  • Wipe down all cabinets and walls with soapy water. Remove all of your items and wipe down the insides of the cabinets as well.
  • Turn your toaster upside-down over a trashcan and shake out the crumbs.
  • Wipe all chairs.
  • Run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven or scrub it by hand with these tips from The Kitchn for a sparkling clean interior. Use the Mr. Clean eraser for immaculate glass cook-tops.
  • Focus on the fridge! Remove and wash any shelves and drawers in the fridge and freezer. Next, use white vinegar to wipe down all the walls and surfaces. Reinstall the shelves and drawers and enjoy your sparkling clean fridge!
  • Throw away any old food you discover in the process.
  • Clean out the track of your sliding door, if applicable.
  • Go through your normal kitchen cleaning routine – wash windows, wipe the counters, and then sweep and mop to finish up the job.

TIP: Use everyday items like hydrogen peroxide and ketchup to more easily clean your kitchen!

2. Sparkling Bathrooms
  • Dust and clean the lighting fixtures.
  • Dust and wipe all the surfaces of your medicine cabinet and any other wall-mounted items.
  • Remove hair and gunk from the sink and shower with a drain snake.
  • Clean out the inside of your vanity’s cabinets and drawers, taking mental note of products you already have and those you need to buy.
  • Remove lime scale from any bathroom fixtures like the showerhead and inside the track of the sliding shower door by soaking and scrubbing with white vinegar.
  • Toss any bath toys showing signs of mildew or mold.
  • Go through your normal bathroom cleaning routine – clean the mirrors and sinks, clean the toilet, and wipe down the shower or tub, then finish up with the floors.

TIP: Use a squeegee after each shower to keep the door sparkling!

A mother vacuums the floor while her daughter uses cleaning product to wipe down planter in her room.

3. Brilliant Bedrooms
  • Clean lamps and light fixtures.
  • Clean out underneath your bed, removing all of your shoes or other items. Vacuum and then replace your things in a neatly organized fashion.
  • Launder your linens and fluff your throw pillows.
  • Refresh your mattress with a little fragrance for a pleasant burst of rejuvenation.
  • Rotate your mattress if it no longer feels even to you.
  • Clean out your closet and vacuum its floor.
  • Go through your regular cleaning routine – putting things away, dusting, and vacuuming.

TIP: Spruce up your room in a big way with spring bedding and matching pillows. The fresh burst of color will go a long way to brightening up your home.

4. Healthy and Fresh Common Areas
  • Dust and clean picture frames, mirrors, and other wall décor.
  • Remove dust and debris from lamps and other light fixtures.
  • Clean out the inside of the sofa and loveseat. Remove the cushions and vacuum away and crumbs and dust.
  • Have your fireplace professionally cleaned, if applicable.
  • Wipe away crayon and any other marks from your walls. Touch up the walls with new paint if needed.
  • Move furniture away from the wall so you can vacuum up the dust and find any lost toys or treasures.
  • Go through your normal cleaning routine – put away clutter, dust, and vacuum.
  • Find a new process to help limit clutter, such as better storage or new rules for the family. This can go a long way to improving the room’s appearance over time.

TIP: Hang new family photos or wall art to finish off with a fun and fresh vibe!

5. A Dazzling Dining Room
  • Empty out your china cabinet and get rid of all that dust! Wipe down the shelving as well as inside the drawers and cabinets.
  • Dust any artwork or photos hanging on the walls.
  • Dust and wipe down any furnishings that need a bit of care.
  • Wipe down the chairs and clean the upholstery.
  • Go through your normal cleaning routine – dusting the furniture and cleaning the floor.

TIP: Set out a new table runner, candles, or another personal touch to highlight your hard work.

Young woman outside her house cleaning windows by hand.

6. The Finishing Touches
  • Dust off ceiling fans and other overhead fixtures.
  • Remove and dust the air returns and air vents.
  • Clean out the inside of your windows, removing any bugs or debris.
  • Clean your windows and wash the outsides if you can safely access them.
  • Dust and wipe down any trim around doors and walls.
  • Carefully wipe down light switches and outlets.
  • Launder the window treatments or take them for dry cleaning.
  • Deep clean the floors with a carpet cleaning service or carpet shampoo machine.

Spring cleaning goes much better when you tackle the tasks in an organized manner, like using this deep cleaning list to get you started. Bring your whole family on board to help you in each room for the fastest freshening up process of all. As you clean, also take note of any clutter or items that you would like to keep but simply aren’t using. Less clutter means less cleaning—look into a personal storage unit to simplify your home for a more relaxed atmosphere. Happy spring!