Azusa, CA, has a population of 50,000 and is known as the “Canyon City” for its proximity to the San Gabriel Canyon. Originally an agricultural town, Azusa is striving to improve its blue-collar image and is actively investing in its downtown. 

Many new residents are drawn to Azusa for its great weather, plentiful activities, and relatively affordable cost of living. But what are the schools in Azusa, CA, like? 

The quality of a town’s school system can be an important factor for a family looking to put down roots in a new place. Good schools can set children up for success for the rest of their lives. If you’re thinking of moving to Azusa, CA, and you have school-age children (or plan to start a family), here’s what you need to know about the education system in Azusa. 

Demographics and Rankings of Azusa Schools

According to U.S. News & World Report, the Azusa Unified School District has just over 7,000 students who attend 10 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and three high schools.

Azusa is a modest-income area, and that is reflected in the school district. Nearly 80 percent of students qualify for a free or reduced lunch.

Over 90 percent of students identify as Hispanic/Latino, and roughly 30 percent are English language learners. 

Unfortunately, according to Niche, the overall school district rating is a less-than-impressive C-plus, but that grade doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Pros of Schools in Azusa, CA

While the Azusa school district as a whole gets a C-plus rating from Niche, it earns higher marks in other areas, including B’s in academics, teachers, and college prep. These good grades might explain why the school district also boasts a graduation rate of 90 percent.

Some other good news is that two of Azusa’s three high schools, Gladstone High School and Azusa High School, earn solid B ratings from Niche. Parents looking for more academic rigor may be able to place their children into the nearby Glendora Unified School District or the Covina-Valley Unified School District. Both these neighboring school districts have earned A ratings from Niche.

The Cons of Schools in Azusa, CA

Living in Azusa, CA, offers many great benefits for families, from a fun downtown to endless adventures in the San Gabriel Mountains. However, the school district rating shows that education in Azusa is somewhat lacking.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Azusa school district is its lack of academic strength. According to Niche, only 39 percent of students in the district tested as proficient in reading, while only 30 percent tested proficient in math.

Are Schools in Azusa, CA, Right for Your Family?

Only you can decide if the education system in Azusa meets your family’s needs and goals. Stats often don’t paint a complete picture of a school district or a specific school. It might be a good idea to visit the schools in Azusa or to talk to parents in the area about their experiences. If you aren’t comfortable with the Azusa school district rating, you may also want to consider enrolling your children in private schools or charter schools.

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