Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a safe, comfortable place to while away the hours, curl up with your favorite book, and of course, catch up on sleep. It’s also one of the places you spend most of your time, so creating a welcoming, stylish bedroom should be your top priority. Best of all, decorating your master bedroom to make your me-time more enjoyable can increase the value of your home. 

Wondering how to decorate a bedroom in a particular style? We’ll be looking at some of the most trendy yet timeless bedroom aesthetics  and decor ideas and how to achieve the bedroom of your dreams.

The Boho Aesthetic

The bohemian style—or boho for short—has been all the rage in contemporary interior design. The artsy, slightly-cluttered-on-purpose boho aesthetic is perfect for a cozy, unpretentious master bedroom that receives plenty of natural light.

This style is also popular among college students looking to add character to their space. That being said, if you’re a student decorating a dorm room, affordable student storage units are available during the summer months. That way you can safely store your boho decor and easily transition it to your next dorm or apartment come fall. 

The overall color palette is bright and airy, with undertones of green and brown. If you paint the walls a nice eggshell, lay down some light wood flooring, and plop a big bed against the bedroom wall space, you’re already part of the way there.

However, the real hallmarks of boho style are in the details. There’s an emphasis on raw, natural beauty, with wood and wicker commonly used for shelves, headboards, and nightstands. Countless plants and macrame hangers are also popular.

For linens, reach for earthy tones—think clay, sand, dusty pink, or mustard yellow pillows. Finally, don’t forget to include a large, patterned area rug for a focal point.

The Modern Farmhouse Style

Despite the name, the farmhouse style is not about making your bedroom look like a barn. Instead, the goal is a sophisticated appearance that wouldn’t look out of place in an upscale ranch home.

The standard wall color of the modern farmhouse style is white. So, you’ll need a few gallons of cream, pearl, or ivory paint to cover the walls. Rugs and bedding will also be white and beige. For a bit of color, try shades of muted green.

To add weight, incorporate home decor accents like:

  • Wood dressers
  • A wooden bench at the foot of the bed
  • A dark metal bed frame
  • Black or copper accessories

To finish up a modern farmhouse look, you’ll want a few plants, plenty of lights, and an assortment of decorative pillows for good measure.

The Industrial Look

Reminiscent of a Brooklyn loft, the industrial look has caught on as a way to decorate on a budget without sacrificing home decor style.

Industrial designs are all about exposed material. Dark metal shelving clings to brick or concrete walls, while raw wood provides a touch of the natural.

High ceilings are another calling card of the industrial look; if your master bedroom has a low roof, you may want to steer clear of this style when bedroom decorating.

To complete your transition to an industrial bedroom, you’ll need a low bed frame (or no bed frame), a neutral area rug, and some eye-catching modern art on the walls for a splash of bold color.

The Minimalist Approach

Minimalism is more of a philosophy than a defined style. With that said, many modern bedrooms incorporate minimalist tendencies into their design. This is especially true of smaller bedrooms, as sparse furnishing makes the small room seem bigger and gives you more space to move around.

Start with off-white or gray walls, and aim for a neutral floor made of polished wood. Alternatively, you can opt for a darker color palette. Black walls are a popular choice in trendy minimalist bedrooms.

Keep in mind that minimalist is not a synonym for boring. In reality, the absence of clutter means that the bedroom furniture you do have needs to make a statement. There are opportunities to display fresh art pieces, vivid area rugs, and ultra-modern light fixtures. An unconventional bed also makes an intriguing piece of modern bedroom décor.

If you’re transitioning to a minimalist design, consider storing your bulky furniture, patterned decor, and miscellaneous chotskies in a personal storage unit to limit clutter and maintain a clean look. Plus, if you later decide to transition to say, a boho design, your beloved decorations are only a short drive away.

Design Tips for Any Bedroom

Regardless if you are learning how to decorate a bathroom or a bedroom there are some recommendations that you can apply universally.

Choose Your Window Coverings Wisely

Whether it’s kitchen decor ideas or bedroom design light plays a significant role. Many of the above styles rely on bright natural lighting. Semi-transparent sheer curtains, for example, can let in light while still providing privacy. Of course, if you like to sleep in on the weekends, you’ll also need a set of heavy, opaque curtains to block out the early morning sun.

Above all, remember that your window coverings—whether open or closed—are a part of your room’s décor. Choose a neutral color to have them blend in, or be bold and add a burst of teal or orange.

Include the Ceiling in Your Design Plans

Instead of leaving your ceiling bare, take the opportunity to make a creative choice. Painted ceilings have gained traction in recent years, and exposed wood beams complement styles like modern farmhouse perfectly.

Even if you don’t want to paint, you can hang chandeliers or other lights. In short, don’t forget about the ceiling.

Storage is Essential

Your small bedroom holds more than just your bed. Between dressers full of clothes and packed bookshelves, it can sometimes feel cluttered—and “cluttered” and “sanctuary” are words rarely used in the same sentence.

Whenever possible, look for style-appropriate bedroom furniture that doubles as storage. A nightstand that opens from the top, a bench with a shoe rack underneath—these multi-purpose items will keep your small room tidy without taking away from the aesthetic you’ve curated.

You can also use our storage size guide to find a perfectly sized storage unit to hold any decor items that may not fit your new design or when you need more space.

Make the Most of Your Living Space

Even with extra storage, sometimes you need more room. Whether you need a temporary space to stow furniture during bedroom renovations or a permanent spot to keep your things, a self-storage unit is a savvy way to declutter.

With more than a dozen locations around California, Price Self Storage is the convenient choice for your next bedroom redesign. Contact us to find the right size storage unit today!


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