Every year, close to four million babies are born in the US. If you’re one of those new parents, congratulations! Having a baby—whether it’s your first or your fifth—is an exciting adventure.

But as you’ve probably figured out, with a newborn comes new things. It’s amazing how much space you need for such a tiny human and all their associated stuff.

We know how busy parent life can become, so we’ve assembled some baby storage ideas for you. Read on for some of our favorite baby storage solutions!

Safety First

Before you start implementing these baby room storage ideas, there’s one concept you need to remember above all else: safety. We’ve kept baby safety in mind while writing this guide, and you should do the same as you decorate and accessorize your baby’s room.

Here are a few features to look out for when setting up a baby room:

  • Rounded edges – For anything at head-level—think toy chests and storage bins—you’ll want to take sharp corners out of the picture. Either look for storage solutions with rounded edges or purchase padding to install on corners.
  • Non-slip furniture – Once your baby starts learning how to crawl or walk, they may lean on furniture around the house. Placing rubber grips on the bottoms of chair legs and end tables allows your child to explore without the risk of them—or your furniture—falling over.

Baby Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for baby storage solutions that are functional yet trendy, you’ve found them. We’ve put together these baby storage ideas for small spaces and large rooms alike.

Wicker Baskets

Chic, inexpensive, and safe for little ones—wicker baskets are the ultimate storage option for a baby room. These baskets are soft and don’t have any sharp edges, so you can safely store them on the ground. They’re also lightweight, making them easy to move onto a dresser or desk if you want them out of reach.

Here are some of the items you could store in wicker baskets:

  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Diapers
  • Clothes

We recommend buying neutral-colored baskets, as you’ll be able to repurpose them as your child grows. Your school-age child could use them as a laundry hamper, or you could move them to your own room for extra storage. The possibilities are endless!

Under-Crib Storage

Chances are your baby’s crib will have some room underneath it. Take advantage of this normally unused space and purchase a low-profile storage bin or two. Many of these containers are specifically designed for under-bed storage, so they even come with wheels. Be sure to buy bins with latching tops so that your baby can’t get into them.

To hide any belongings beneath the crib, opt for a crib skirt. Not only will the room look tidier, but your baby will be less likely to play with the bins if they can’t see them.

Hooks and Shelving

Since babies can only access the bottom foot or two of a room, you can make liberal use of hooks and high shelves in the rest of the space. Hooks allow you to maximize the available space since you can hang clothes, blankets, and bags that only you can reach. You can even hang baskets on hooks for an attractive alternative.

For items you can’t hang up, small shelves work wonders. You can conveniently place toys, books, snacks, and more on wall-mounted shelves. Make sure that anything you mount to the wall is installed correctly and any loose items are secure. Consult a professional if you’re unsure about a proper installation.

Creative Closet Usage

The most obvious use of a nursery closet is for clothes. But with a bit of imagination, you can do so much more!

  • Try buying clothes hangers with clips to easily store baby shoes.
  • Hang towels and blankets over the closet rod.
  • Place a dresser or cubby inside the closet for extra storage away from the baby.
  • Install a lock on the closet door to keep curious babies out.

For more baby clothes storage tips, view our complete guide here.

Store Things Outside of the Baby’s Room

It can be tempting to keep everything baby-related in the baby’s room. Resist that temptation. While you should keep diapers, toys, and all of the essentials readily available, you can make use of space outside of the baby’s room for other stuff.

Towels and blankets can stay in a hallway closet. Some toys may be better off in the living room. Overall, keeping less baby stuff in the baby room means you and your child have more space to play and make memories.

Take Advantage of Self Storage

We understand that things like space—and sleep—can be in short supply once the baby comes around. A self-storage unit lets you put away anything your baby has outgrown or has yet to grow into—without taking up space in a busy home. 

If your expanding family has grown past its available space, get in touch with us here at Price Self Storage. While we can’t promise you a better sleep, we can assure you your baby stuff is secure and out of the way until you need it.


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