Your patio acts as the gateway between your home and the great outdoors. It’s the space where indoor living becomes alfresco, whether that means evening family picnics, backyard get-togethers with friends, or blissful moments when it’s just you, a book, and the breeze. 

One of the most important aspects when curating a comfortable outdoor space is decorating it with outdoor patio furniture and personal storage you love. That being said, if you enjoy your pleasant patio lifestyle, you probably want your patio furniture to last.

Fortunately, knowing how to protect patio furniture from the elements is made simple with this guide, come rain, sun, snow, or wind. 

Wind Protection

The blustering wind can turn patio furniture upside down, potentially damaging its framework. In fact, the wind only needs to blow at a rate of between 25-30 miles per hour to send your lounge chair flying or topple your patio umbrella.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the wind if you anchor your patio furniture to railing, flooring, or heavier furniture with bungee cords or fabric ties. 

If you don’t have a place to secure your patio furniture, you can avoid damage to your outdoor furniture, landscaping, and fencing by:

  • Stacking chairs when not in use
  • Tying down loose outdoor cushions
  • Closing umbrellas or storing them inside your home or shed

Rain and Sun Protection

During the summer months, your patio furniture can experience a deluge of sun exposure and rain storms, which may dilute the color of your furniture, rust steel and iron, or lead to mold or mildew growth. 

To protect your furniture, try to avoid placing items in a location that gets a lot of heavy, direct sunlight to avoid faded fabrics, tough stains, discolored wood, or melted metals. You can also base your backyard renovation around shaded structures, such as:

  • Umbrellas
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos

Second, keep your furniture covered with patio furniture covers when you aren’t using it and during times that pose the biggest threats, like when it’s raining or the sun is bearing down on your patio cushions.  

In addition to keeping your furniture away from the elements, you can also incorporate:

  • Upholstered cushions – If your cushions aren’t waterproof, you can use a spray-on water repellant to help keep them dry when it rains. Many water repellents are formulated to protect your patio furniture from harmful UV rays as well. 
  • Wooden furniture – Raw wood doesn’t last long when it’s exposed to direct sunlight and rain or other forms of precipitation. Sealing your wood furniture with polyurethane keeps it safe from moisture and sun damage. For the most effective protection, look for polyurethane that has UV blockers. 
  • Aluminum and metal furniture – Coating your metal and aluminum furniture with a special substance known as paste wax is the best way to prevent rust and corrosion caused by rainwater. 
  • Plastic furniture – An outdoor furniture protectant spray can help prevent discoloration in plastic furniture caused by sunlight and UV rays. 

If you’re interested in learning more patio organization ideas, our resource center can help supply you with enough ideas so that you can build the backyard you’ve always wanted.

Snow Protection

In addition to all-season hazards like wind, rain, and sunlight, winter brings more severe precipitation, like snow and sleet. 

Fortunately, knowing how to protect patio furniture in the winter comes down to two methods: storage and preservation. 

When it comes to storage, you can store high-quality patio furniture away in a self-storage unit until spring to keep your items away from winter’s harsh elements. A self-storage unit also frees up space in your basement or garage that would otherwise be used to store outdoor furniture. 

However, you can also opt to preserve your patio furniture throughout the winter with durable tarps or coverings:

  • Manufacturer’s cover – There’s a good chance that the company that made your patio furniture also makes protective covers to go with it. These are often the best option, as they’re sized specifically for your furniture. Check with your manufacturer if a cover didn’t come with your set. 
  • Specialty covers – If your manufacturer doesn’t make covers, you can easily find them in-store or online. They’re available for a range of furniture items, from patio tables and chairs to sectionals and grills. Quality tarp covers can help protect against ice, snow, and mildew.2

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