Spring is the time for many new beginnings, most notably the tradition of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an especially important routine in homes where seniors may no longer be able to keep up with regular housekeeping chores. Many people despise spring cleaning because it reminds them that they have to let go of the past and old things that they may be holding on to. To make this cleaning process go as smoothly as possible, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Make a list

Write down everything that you and your elderly relative or senior want to complete. Tasks might include cleaning out the pantry, washing windows, going through old boxes, donating clothes, etc.

Make it a group effort

Have people you know help you out and make the cleaning process fun and efficient. Ask family members, and friends or you can even hire a cleaning service like Handy.

Schedule a time

In order to help your relative’s spring cleaning experience move along more easily, schedule a time that you are going to tackle all of these tasks and what products you will need to buy in order to make your goals possible.

Separate all of the clutter first

Before you start cleaning your house you should first separate all the items your elderly relative wants to keep, and place them in a different pile than the things you are discarding. After you have organized all the things you need, you should move on to cleaning the area. If you need more room to store your items, Price Self Storage can help you store your items at a competitive rate.

Check safety devices

A home should not only be clean, but it has to be safe as well. One of the duties that you should definitely write on your cleaning list is to check the working status of your fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and alarm systems. While you are spring cleaning, consider installing an emergency response system, if you haven’t already purchased one yet. It allows you to get assistance quickly if your loved one has fallen or in case of other emergencies.

Relocating Items

While cleaning, organize your refrigerator and pantry by discarding expired food. Also, consider relocating items for ease of reach and make them easier to locate for your elderly relative or senior. It is important to do this because you cannot always be there to help them out; instead, keep things in easy reach for them to access with no hesitation.

We hope these tips help you with spring cleaning and make the process as easy and as fun as possible for your elderly relatives. For more tips visit Price Self Storage for all of your storage needs.