Is that the new school year already in sight? How is it possible that the summer is winding down so quickly? It’s hard to believe in two short weeks it will already be September. The change of the seasons certainly isn’t taking its time this year. So with the end of the summer upon us, it’s time to enjoy the last of the longest days of the year in the best way we know how… packing in as much fun and productivity as possible!

Here is an end-of-summer to-do list featuring some must-do day trips and activities as well as a few around-the-house projects that really should be out of the way by the time autumn arrives.

Three kids laying on the grass with their dog enjoying the last days of summer.

1. Take Your Little Ones (or Your Love) on a Picnic.

Throwing together a picnic lunch can be as simple as leftovers and fruit or sandwiches and a bag of chips. Grab a blanket, toss everything in a basket, and head off to your favorite serene spot for a relaxing and soothing meal amid nature.

2. Plan a Day Trip.

With the last few weekends about to pass in the blink of an eye, try to schedule your final shore trip or daytime excursion before you miss your chance. Whether your family prefers an amusement park or you and your friends want to hit the wine trail, the last days of summer can be the perfect time to really soak up some fun and relaxation.

3. Enjoy an Outdoor Adventure.

Be it rafting, hiking, biking, or exploring in some other fashion, take some time to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy it. Find a new place you’ve never been and snap some pictures to capture the memories.

Three young women riding their bikes along the shore.

4. Clean and Organize Your Garage and/or Shed.

When summer is over, you’ll be faced with new activities and plenty of chores for the fall season. In the meantime, split your time between fun things to do in the summer, and a couple of chores to help you get ahead of schedule. As much as you’d probably prefer to party all the time, try to save a few hours here and there for the housework that’s been piling up. Take some time to inventory your tools and supplies in the garage or shed. Set aside anything you’d like to get rid of and try to organize the rest with shelving, wall hooks, or boards on the rafters above to give you even more space. You may find some things you forgot you even had!

5. Assess Your House for Needed Repairs and Upgrades

The end of the summer could be just the right time to clean out your gutters, schedule a roof repair, replace windows, or tackle a host of other projects. Make a list of your home projects and gradually start checking them off one by one. Take some time to go through your spare rooms and clear out any clutter that’s accumulated. If you don’t have enough space at home, you can box up your items and store them safely in a personal storage unit. By the time the holidays arrive, your clutter will be gone, your house will be fixed, and you’ll be all ready for guests.

A group of young people and a curious dog enjoy barbecue food and drinks in the backyard.

6. Host a Barbecue.

Before the summer draws to a close, hosting a barbecue is one of the things most people think of doing. Even though you can grill any time of year, there’s just something special about those summer barbecues and the fun they inspire. Tip: Ask your friends to bring a side dish, appetizer, or dessert for a more eclectic menu.

7. Relax at a Bonfire.

Perhaps one of the most memorable and exciting end-of-summer activities to enjoy with friends and family, a bonfire can be the perfect way to end the summer. Gather your favorite people, grab your favorite food and drinks, and hold on tight to the last lingering moments of the season.

If you can’t fit in all of the exciting items on your wish list, don’t fret. Most fun summer activities can still be enjoyed into the fall season as well, and sometimes beyond. Make your end-of-summer to-do list now so you can get your plans on the calendar. Encourage your family and friends to do some last-minute summer activities as well, making the most of the long daylight hours and the lighter schedules.