Much Love Animal Rescue, Price Self Storage’s Customer of the Month, decided to answer a couple questions for us about their experience and received a $50 Costco Gift card. Much Love Animal Rescue focuses on helping pets who have been mistreated, neglected, or homeless throughout shelters and the streets in Los Angeles. The organization works to find loving forever homes for these animals, getting them out of danger. As a not-for-profit group, Much Love Animal Rescue is run completely by volunteers! They have helped to find loving families and homes for more than 3,500 pets since the group began in 1999. Check out their website as well as what they think about Price Self Storage:

What is your favorite feature about Price Self Storage?

I appreciate that Price Self Storage is so well maintained and clean and in a convenient location.

What inspires your business?

SAVING LIVES is what inspires us. The shelters are filled with amazing dogs and cats that by and large were dumped through no fault of their own for reasons like a family not having time for them, unwanted litters from people who didn’t spay/neuter their pets or a landlord insisting that a pet had to go. These are sweet, friendly and loving companion animals and they shouldn’t have to die just because they are homeless.

Who is your ideal customer / client?

Responsible, loving people who understand that pets are family and are willing to commit to them for life.

How does your storage unit help with your day-to-day business?

We don’t have a facility and as a nonprofit we depend on donations of money and in-kind supplies. The storage unit provides us with a way to accept and store the supplies we receive until we can put them into use in a foster home.

If you could fill your storage unit with one thing, what would it be?

Rolodexes filled with contacts for people who want to foster and adopt. And a big stack of cash that magically replenishes when we use it so we can always pay for the medical care to pull sick and injured animals and get them well again. 🙂

What is your favorite day of the week?

Sunday is the day we find most of our animals a new home because we hold a mobile adoption in Santa Monica on Main Street every Sunday. There’s no better feeling than leaving the adoption knowing that we’ve successfully played matchmaker to get the dogs and cats adopted!

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Want to find out more about Much Love Animal Rescue? Checkout their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!