For many people looking to pursue a simpler, more affordable lifestyle, moving to a tiny home is an attractive option. When downsizing to the tiny home lifestyle, staying organized with your personal storage throughout the process pays dividends. 

To that end, today we’ll provide some tips on how to live in a tiny house the right way. Ready to learn how to live in a tiny house and join the tiny house movement? This guide is for you. 

Tiny House Ideas

Tiny living in a tiny house is more than simply occupying a smaller space—it’s a total lifestyle change. As tiny homeowner, Jess Mokhiber, writes in Reader’s Digest: 

“Our reasons for choosing this lifestyle include the financial freedom that comes from mortgage-free living, more free time because we have less house to maintain, and clean living in a more eco-friendly and sustainable dwelling that aligns with our focus on the environment.” 

There are both benefits and potential drawbacks to living in a tiny home. You can minimize the latter by preparing ahead of time. To help you with that, we’ll break down our ideas into sub-categories.

Tiny House Design Ideas 

Looking to learn how to build a tiny house? When it comes to tiny house decorating ideas, the sky’s the limit. A smaller space forces you to be more creative with your layout. 

Do you want a rustic aesthetic? A modern flair? How about woodsy and floral tones? Any of those are possible. Some tiny homes have marble countertops. Others opt for a more organic feel that features a lot of wood. 

Think of your tiny home as your canvas. You are free to design it however you like. Our only piece of advice would be to emphasize function over form since there are space and living area constraints.  

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas 

Like the rest of the home, a tiny kitchen needs to be thoughtfully laid out in such a way as to utilize all available space without detracting from the joy of cooking. According to Tiny House for Us:

“The kitchen is also the room you spend the most amount of time in. You want it to be comfortable, organized, and functional. But a kitchen that is entirely utilitarian is no fun at all. Your tiny home kitchen should reflect your unique taste.” 

When it comes to small spaces, especially those that may only be used at certain times, convertibility is key. The ability to pull out a countertop for two, a cutting board, or a functional kitchen item and then store it away when not in use lets you make the most of each square foot of space.  

For kitchens, one of the most important decisions is to choose your appliances wisely. 

For instance, chances are, the vast majority of meals can be made with just a two-burner stove. Along these lines, you’ll also have to decide what type of cooking surface you’ll want to use. What you select may depend on the environment you’re living in. Common options include: 

  • Gas
  • Electric coil
  • Electric smooth top 
  • Alcohol
  • Induction

Similarly, you’ll likely need to select a small fridge, sink, coffee machine, slow cooker, and blender. 

Some tiny homeowners also opt for a dishwasher, but this decision typically depends on personal preference. Whatever you decide, when organizing all your cooking items, be sure to take advantage of the entire vertical space using organizers, racks, shelves, and hooks. 

Tiny House Bathroom Ideas 

The typical tiny house bathroom ranges from 25 to 50 square feet of the tiny house floor plan. Ideally, it should take up less than a quarter of the ground floor space. But, once more, that depends on your preferences and how much time you plan to spend in the home itself. 

Most tiny homes opt for a layout that includes a sink, toilet, and shower. But there are tiny homeowners that also choose to include a bath, a washer/dryer, or other amenities. 

One of the most important decisions you need to consider is ventilation. To that end, it’s wise to have some combination of fan, windows, and dehumidifiers set up.   

Tiny House Storage Ideas 

When it comes to storing your stuff, it’s important that you make use of all the available storage space. Fortunately, there are plenty of space-saving and organizational tools you can use to help stay organized, like dual storage benches, vertical corner shelves, or lazy susans.  

There are also plenty of creative ways to maximize the storage space in your tiny house living room, bedroom, and kitchen. For example, many people try to take advantage of the vertical space they have by making their tiny house bedroom in a sleeping loft space instead of a traditional bedroom.

If you’re moving from a home or apartment to a tiny house, you’ll likely have to keep some of your stuff elsewhere. In that regard, a self storage locker can be an optimal solution for keeping items you may not use daily, but still want access to. 

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