While one day never seems like quite enough, Mother’s Day can be the perfect time to thank Mom for all her unwavering love and support. From laundry to grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, homework, driving, cheering on, and more, Moms literally do it all. Moms are the glue that holds the family together, the shoulder to cry on, and the person you most want nearby whenever you don’t feel well. Mothers deserve a day that is different from any other day, a day of genuine appreciation and thanks for everything that they do. If you want to make this Mother’s Day special, here are a few household gestures that she will appreciate.


  1. Breakfast in bed – Who doesn’t like breakfast in the comfort of their own bed? Wake up early and show your appreciation for your mom by whipping up some pancakes, bacon, eggs, or anything that is her favorite to eat for breakfast. Have the whole family help you make this meal more special by assigning each member a different task to create the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast. This list of breakfast in bed ideas is sure to give you some inspiration.
  2. DIY Gift: When you make a gift rather than buying one, it makes the gift more personal and shows that you put a lot of effort into making the gift. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to put your craftsmanship skills to use by creating a card, coupon book, or even drawing something memorable for your mother. We like this clever idea of a gift in a jar.
  3. Household Chores: Usually the chores in the household become the mother’s job, on top of everything else she has to do. This Mother’s Day take a load off her hands and clean up the house. Make it a group effort so the process will go by faster and everyone can take credit for helping out. You can help out by washing the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning out closets, etc. Get the guys together and help clean out the garage of all old items that are just lying around and put the items that you don’t need in storage.
  4. Plan something special: Show how much you love the woman in your life, by pampering her as much as possible. It is important to keep in mind that on Mother’s Day you should try and make the day as stress free as possible for her. If that means watching the kids while she has her quiet time then that’s what you should do.
  5. Manners: This on should be done regularly, but sometimes our lives get so busy that we forget to say the two words that everyone appreciates the most which is “thank you.” Thank your mother for simply being a mother and doing everything she does for you everyday. A genuine “Thank you” can go further than you think, so don’t forget to remind her every day and especially on Mother’s Day.