Spring is here and Price Self Storage wants to help make spring cleaning fun. Making changes in your home can improve your mood and make a world of difference. Here are 5 ways you can freshen up your home this spring:

  1. Freshen The Front Porch – It is amazing how the front porch can be overlooked when you cross it every day. Usually when you get home or leave for work you don’t even think twice about its appearance because you have a million things on your mind. Make it a weekend project now that the weather is warming up. It could be a fun project with the kids, too. Repaint the stairs, get rid of all those cobwebs, clear the clutter and take any thing that doesn’t need to be there to storage.
  2. Organize The Front Room – The first room of the house can be the place that many items are thrown and the mess can get out of hand. Start organizing it today. Purchase a shoe rack to organize everyone in the families’ shoes. Organize it from top row being tallest in the house, to bottom row being smallest in the house. This will give the look of organization when guests first enter your home. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.
  3. Brighten a Dull Room – Add a pop of color to a room that feels like it’s lost its luster. It could be in your room, the family room or even the bathroom (we also have some great tips on how to decorate a bathroom). Choose something bright and spring inspired to help you feel in tune with the season. It can add something fresh and new to your home that will also brighten spirits. Adding color could involve a painting project, or simply adding accent pillows and picture frames that offer new color combinations. Make sure it’s a color that you and yours will enjoy seeing every day.
  4. Grow A New Plant – Plants are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can add character to any room in the house. But, did you know that they could help improve your families’ health by fighting pollutants in your home? More benefits can be found here. Help the kids learn about responsibility and have them rotate watering the new plants, too. If you just want something small, add a succulent in your kitchen.
  5. Make A New Investment – Every day you end up in the same place, your bed. Why not spice up your room with a new look? Purchase a spring colored comforter, put new artwork on the wall, or get a new headboard. Whatever it may be, make sure that it will make you look at your daily routine differently. Change is healthy and this small change could add some positive light to your day.

Price Self Storage wishes you happy spring cleaning and good luck freshening up your home!